Thursday, August 30, 2007

Is Gang Violence Coming to West Chester University?

Alert from West Chester resident Mary Ann Fulmer (82 year young)

While taking a walk on the Campus of West Chester University, I came across a disturbing image. The word "GATE" and a weird symbol was spray painted on the side walk. It was right there on Church Street.
I've seen all of of the gang shows and believe you me, I'm pretty sure it was spray painted by gang members that go by the name "the Gates".
I know from watching 60 minutes that there's the Cribbs, the Bloods and Kool and the Gang but I don't recall the Gates.
I must say however that I was a little disturbed because when I asked the construction workers that were standing next to a metal construction gate whether they had seen any "gang bangers". They looked at me like I was a ninny.
Head the warning and stay indoors.

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