Monday, July 30, 2007

Simpson's Movie Makes $71.9 million - Angry Mob Makes Sure Comic Hacks "Don't Get Any Ideas"

The Simpsons movie has topped the weekend box office pulling in an impressive $71.9 million. The huge payday has sparked concern that other cartoon creators may now be considering the big screen as a vehicle. Just to make sure, angry mobs have been surrounding Cathy creator Cathy Guisewite's home for the last three hours.

Mob leader Mike Barlo explains,

"I was at the opening of the Simpsons Movie and it was great. As I'm sitting there though, I was thinking, 'great, now all the crappy cartoonists are going to try and cash in. I'm sure that Ms. Guisewite is a lovely lady, but the cartoon is horrible. The idea - even the remote chance that that garbage might appear on a theater near me made me pull this mob together."

Mr. Barlo and others have no intention of harming the NCS award winning artist but just want to give her a scare and make sure she, "doesn't get any ideas".

After confirming that he's still alive, the mob will be making it's next stop at the home of Bil Keane- creator of the Family Circus at 5:00. All interested citizens wishing to join the mob are encouraged to bring their own torches and pitchforks as they will be handed out on a first come first serve basis.

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Jeffy said...

I am shocked that Bil Keane is only 84 years old.