Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chester County Movie Wrap Up. Footloose and The Thing.

So my daughter and I were going to have a Father/Daughter afternoon and see Footloose but she bailed on me. Her "excuse" was "I really have no interest in that movie Dad." And to top it off, she never even heard of the original. Kids.

And I really wanted to see that but was too embarrassed to go myself. And too lazy to pull a disguise together. And you don't just get a disguise and walk into the movie. You need to have a voice that matches the disguise. Like if you bump into someone you can't just say, "Oh excuse me" in your regular voice. It's pretty involved. Waaaay to much work for a Sunday.

So instead I saw "The Big Year" With Steve Martin, Jack Black and What's his name Wilson. I'm into birds and all but the movie was a borefest.

But I did sneak into the remake of the The Thing. And it was great! As horror movies go. Really good story. Suspenseful. Crazy ass monsters and shit. Good stuff. And I see most horror movies that come out. So I'm kind of an expert.

And Mary Elizabeth Winstead is pretty darn cute in it if you ask me. That's her pictured above.

So I DO think you should see this movie. Let me know what you think if you do. Here's the trailer for it:


Scope said...

Oh. Not about the orange rock dude from the Fantastic Four?

The Jules said...

Loved the original Thing. Not sure I can get excited about a remake though.

Is Footloose about a promiscuous shoe?

TC said...

I meant to share this with you before:

this was our version of stairway to Stardom where I live. Disturbing.

Cameron said...

Girls with two first names automatically get a boost in the hotness rating system.

Dr Zibbs said...

TC- I always love your links. Will check out.

Cam (my man) - I agree. Are you a scientist or something?? You're smart!

Dr Zibbs said...

and TC I just Tweeted that link! Love it. Super cute. Showed my daughter during her homework break.

Cute without being gaggy.

TC said...

cute...except for the clown.

Dr Zibbs said...

TC - Agreed! Hate that ass clown!