Monday, April 11, 2011

Great Part Time Job I Had. Corvettes to Cowtown NJ

I had tons of part time jobs when I was younger. One of the coolest was a job I had driving cars to an auction.

There was a place in West Chester that would buy sports cars and high end cars, then fix them up and sell them at auction.

Pretty smart guy huh? Well he wasn't THAT smart because he hired 18 and 19 year old kids to drive them to the auction in Cowtown New Jersey. He would always give the same speech before four or five of us left in separate cars, "This is important..Obey all traffic laws and DO NOT SPEED!"

Yeah OK buddy. That's like throwing an antelope into a lion pit and saying, "Im not kidding guys, Everyone gets a limb. After you're done that I'm going to come in and divide the body and the head into equal parts. Are we clear?

We'd drive really slow up the street in our Corvettes, Camaros or Mercedes then as soon as we were out of sight it was PEDAL TO THE METAL BIATCH!! I remember driving an orange Corvette 120 MPH. Safely mind ya'.

Yeah right.

Well nobody got killed thank God so I guess no harm no foul. Is that the expression? Once we got to Cowtown we'd drop the cars off and all pile into one of those white windowless, serial killer vans for the ride back. Crouched in the back and being driven a ridiculous 55 MPH.

It was fun while it lasted.


Scope said...

Did you ever get to play the serial killer?

Did you ever leave condoms in the glove box, just to freak out the next driver?

Did you ever remove the "new car smell" after a trip thru the Taco Bell drive-thru?

So many questions.

sybil law said...

I used to drive cars back and forth from my FIL's aftermarket business to car dealerships - and only once got a "Vette. It was good, though. (And Cadillacs kicked ass to drive, too.)

GeneTheDriver said...

Seems to me you spent a lot of time on "jobs" in the back white serial killer type vans.

Gwen said...

The closest I ever came to driving a 'Vette was a Chevette.

Dr Zibbs said...

Gene - take off your shoes. Are you hiding money?

Dr Zibbs said...

Gene - take off your shoes. Are you hiding money?

TrinaLikesWine said... (shit) vette was maroon...0-60mph? Yes. Downhill. In good weather. Wanna

Chris said...

Serial killer vans are fun!