Thursday, July 5, 2012

Want To Know How Much Bacon I Ate? West Chester Man.

 I was swimming at my parents the other day and I was describing to my daughter how I like to eat my BLT's from Wawa: Bacon, Lettuce, Extra Pepper Jack Cheese, Onion, Mayo on Rye. It's the only way to go. So she says, "Now I want a BLT."

So I went inside my parents to whip some up and she says, "Well I have to go now because I'm sleeping over a friend's house." Uh OK thanks for telling me now. Anyways, there was no lettuce or tomater so I just made a Bacon, Onion, Cheese and Mayo:

But since I had all the bacon left over I decided...waste not want not...and ate it all. Then I looked at the package and realized I ate 750 calories worth of bacon. Meh... *Shrugs shoulders*

But then I felt guilty so I went to the scale and weighed myself and I was 206. It was at the end of the day and I had clothes on but still. I need to get down to 195. Which I will. (I'm 6' 2" by the way so I'm not a fatty but still need to drop a few.)


Dr Zibbs said...


Choleesa said...

There is NO such thing as too much bacon!!!

sybil law said...

But, but... YUM.
Minus the rye, that is.

B.E. Earl said...


Dr Zibbs said...

Sybil - Rye is great!

Dr Zibbs said...'re too midwest to get it. I bet you don't get rye out there.