Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mac and Cheese. Porter Beer and MORE! Sidebar In West Chester. Market Street Grill.

Here are a few things I've eaten recently and some notes:

Eggs Benny - So delicious. I got this meal last week at the Market Street Grill in West Chester (PA) with a friend. Look at the quality if that picture. It's from my new Galaxy phone. I always swipe a bit of the sauce off in case you're wondering.

Eggs and Potatoes  - Here is...wait...why is the picture not good? Whatever. This is eggs and potatoes. I made them.You fry taters that you baked the night before then scramble eggs in. Why don't more people make this? And what are your thoughts on ketchup? I can't eat fries or scrambled eggs without ketchup.

Ham and Bean Soup  - My brother-in-law made this. And it was damn good. Another quality picture. I should sell this to Bon Appetite and make some fucking bucks!

Founders Porter Beer  - I was at The Sidebar the other night and had this Founders Porter. DELICIOUS! I like beer a lot but only a few I LOVE. This is now one of them. Creamy and bitter. But I wish it had a larger head.

Salami and Tomato Mac and Cheese OH YEAH! This is the reason I went to The Sidebar. Every Tuesday they feature three or four original mac and cheese dishes and I've been wanting to try one. This salami and tomato version hit the spot.

And here's a little treat for you. See that bar stool on the far right? That's the actual seat I was sitting in. Go ahead...pretend you're dining with me. Don't feel embarrassed.


Dr Zibbs said...

Now I'm hungry!!

Dr Zibbs said...

...and I think the steam from the eggs and potater picture is what ruined it.

Choleesa said...

Well now Im just hungry.

CrotchPains said...

And tonight's final Jeopardy topic is "Numerology". Here is your answer. 5,725?

You have 30 seconds to respond.
(Jeopardy theme plays)

Answer: What is Zibb's total cholesterol, Alex.

Congratulations! You win!!!

Dr Zibbs said...

Crotch for your info I just had blood work done. Cholesterol was slightly high but not concerning. Sexiness levels however were off the charts.

CrotchPains said...

Oh I'm sure you were the picture of health and sexiness while you were sitting all alone on that bar stool, jowls bursting with macaroni, cheese and salami while cheese sauce dripped off your chin and onto the bar, like a silent tear. Where's that photo?

diane said...

Don't let me interrupt you two, ahem.
I do a version of the potatoes and eggs w/fried onion, no ketchup. mmmmmm.
The mac dish, I don't think so. How can you eat that Jim? Crotch (you don't mind if I call you crotch, right) is on point with the cholesterol. Oh, and Crotch (i said crotch,hehe) is seriously funny.
Who am I kidding though, I've been fighting a cold all week, so all I can really look at is chicken soup. All of those rich sauces and gunk that you posted up just kinda make me want to...........gotta go.

Dr Zibbs said...

Crotch - jowls? How did you know I like to dress up as Nixon when I eat Mac and che.?

Diane - did I mention it was really good salami? Or are you vegetarian?