Saturday, March 8, 2008

Al Alberts Gettin' Down With Some 80's Chicks

Have you been Jonesin' for some Philly style Al Alberts Showcase? Well calm down Holmes. I'm not gonna set you up with the crappy frilly dress wearing kids B.S. No. Here you will find my man Al Alberts singing with some circa 1980 Double Mint Gum style twins. I think he was a shoe in with them until he mentioned Stella. I guess that's just his nature.

I must say, despite the crappy audio and lighting my man had to endure - it's not THAT bad. Pure Philly classic. Al Alberts is the man.

WARNING: Unless you want to get your ass kicked, NEVER mention the name Al Alberts in hearing distance of Captain Noah. Trust me. You will be crushed.


1 comment:

enc said...

I don't know what's more epic: the girls' hair, or the fact that I only know this song from old Brady Bunch re-runs.