Tuesday, March 18, 2008

American Idol Random - Freestyle Thoughts

Random thoughts about American Idol from West Chester:

Amanda Overmyer - As usual, complete torture. Hair? Stupid. Voice? My hair standing up on ends. Note to self: buy talcum to combat rash.

David Archuleta: Best voice for "this competition". Doesn't throw a lot of useless notes into songs. You will be the winner - or 2nd.

Brooke White: Va Va Voom! Love the curls. Great smile. No phoniness. I'm afraid you will lose, but if you can act, you may have a career.

Jason Castro: Face reminds me of troll. Name reminds me of Fidel.

Syesha Mercado: Lookin good. Sounding boring. And why did you you have the unknown guitar player two feet from you? They know their place - in the shadows and unknown. Also..nice cleavage work.

And on a side note. I may be gay because I'm actually nervously switching between AI and Dancing with the Stars.
If you really want to see someone into this show, check out mjsbigblog.

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