Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Best Cheese Steak in Chester County

The owners of The Westtown Butcher Shop and Deli were in for a pleasant surprise this morning when they opened shop. Why? Because greeting them on their doorstep was a five foot tinfoil covered dome with 10 paper mache yak horns protruding from it. In the middle of the tinfoil, the words "BEST CHEESESTEAK IN CHESTER COUNTY" were taped.

THAT BLUE YAK janitor Willie B. Phelps explains:
That is correct, they've won the best cheesesteak in the area award. Many cheesesteak were sampled before this coveted award was declared. The roll has has the perfect fluffiness. The meat is rib eye. Very classy. Everything about it is perfect.

Be prepared though if you're planning to eat there because there are no tables. You can bring your own bucket and use it as a seat, but I don't think they encourage that because they were looking at me funny the whole time.

To get there, if you're leaving West Chester on High Street, pass the Parkway Shopping Center and take a right, right before Stetson.

And of course, ENJOY.

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