Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton Coming to West Chester - Take Cover

I just received a voice mail from Chelsea Clinton saying that her mom will be at West Chester University tomorrow (Thursday, March 27). She'll be at Sykes Student Union at 3:45. I'm not sure if I've been invited to a one-on-one with her, or if the message was a mass voicemail, inviting many the unimportant people around Chester County.
First of all, Chelsea don't you EVER leave a message on the machine of THAT BLUE YAK. We are busy manufacturing very important products and/or servicing top businesses in the Chester County area. We don't have the time for nonsense.
Secondly, we will try to send a representative down to heckle your mom. When you hear the yell of, "OH YEAH...RIGHT!", you'll know it was us.
Thirdly, I just visited your mom's website and let me tell you, it is a complete waste of bandwidth.

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