Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Downingtown Teacher Strike - Day 8 BREAKING NEWS

Downingtown teachers, administrators and students listened in a stunned silence as Paul Gottlieb and Alice Johnson addressed the crowd concerning the possible end to the eight day teachers strike.

"I'm sorry people, the rumors you have been hearing are false. The strike unfortunately is still a reality. The 'rebuilding of the Downingtown Farmers Market' as a deal closer did NOT happen." An embarassed Gottlieb said.

That Blue Yak sources tell us that a "crazy person" and Downingtown Farmers Market regular attempted to end the strike by convincing both sides that all demands would be dropped if the Lancaster Pike Home Depot "is imploded by Friday" and the Downingtown Farmers Market is "rebuilt in all of it's glory".
Alice Johnson later later told reporters, "I feel very, very stupid right now."
The Downingtown Farmers Market Rebuilders Club - an undergound society made up of Downingtown and Caln market regulars is accepting responsibility.

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