Friday, February 1, 2008

John's Pizza in Frazer - Best Cheesesteak Indeed

John's Pizza in Frazer, PA - perhaps the best cheesesteak in Chester County. My order was a large cheesesteak, fried onions and extra cheese. The cheesesteak is enormous as seen by the scale of the chapstick to cheesesteak in this picture.

The meat is great and the rolls are perfect - so light and airy. In fact, the roll is so light that a 15" cheesesteak goes down very easily. John's has also been written about in Conde Naste magazine and won Channel 10's "Golden Spoon" award - whatever the hell that is.

My recomendation is to sit at the counter so you can watch the show. By the show, I mean the arguing between the older John and the younger John. Everytime I've been there, the two are arguing in Italian. It's so good, that when you return from the bathroom you'll ask your friend, "What did I miss?"

John's is located on Route 30 in Frazer right past the home depot. I highly recommend it. The phone number is (610) 647-4297. If you call in for pickup, be sure to ask how long until the order will be ready. The older John will say, "You just come in, it'll be here."
If you're looking for a list of great cheesesteaks in Philly, Delaware County and Chester County, Best lists most of them.
Here's what another blogger had to say about the Cheesesteaks at John's Pizza:


JDizzle said...

OMG I'm totally craving cheesteak today. I'll have to try those guys out.

Dr Zibbs said...

You will not be disappointed

Anonymous said...

They're Lebanese Christians, not Italians.

Also, John Jr hasn't been in there much for the last decade or so; The 60-something guy who's there most of the time is John Sr.'s oldest son Chris.