Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Square Bar Prepares for 30,000 Mardi Gras Partyers

West Chester Square Bar regular Denny Beans is predicting a record number of people for the Mardi Gras celebration today. "It's gonna be packed. I'm totally getting there early. I was there the other night and I saw this sign in the bathroom advertising the Square Bar with DJ Kilt Boy and I was like, there's probably gonna be thousands of people there. And ladies - I will have plenty of beads!"

With past year issues in Philadelphia with Mardi Gras partyers, many area residents are searching for alternative locations. Could West Chester's Square Bar with it's downhome feel, great prices and American dart board lure the "thousands" in today as predicted by Denny Beans?

"It's totally conceiveable - I'd say 20, maybe 30,000 depending on the weather", said Billy Dean Morris - friend of Denny Bean. "I mean, have you seen that sign? It pretty much says it all - location, what's happening, the date and time - it covers everyting. All I know is - if out of towners think they're gonna come in and redefine the dart line - that's bull!"

Here are a few blog posts from others mentioning the famous Square Bar:


JDizzle said...

Hilarious! That place is just a few blocks from me. I should check out the festivities!

Dr Zibbs said...

You better hurry - I believe the capacity of the Square Bar is 45,000.

Dr Zibbs said...
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