Monday, February 18, 2008

Guernsey Cow In Exton Now Has a Blog

The World's Largest Cow used to be located in Exton PA. If you're from Chester County, you know that I'm talking about the Guernsey Cow - the Exton Pa Ice Cream Shop. Check out the Guernsey Cow blog as it has some nice info and pictures of this landmark Exton establishment.

Make sure to check out the pics of Willie Minor on the site and his tricked out bike which includes a full sized shopping cart strapped to the back. If you grew up in the area, these pictures will be bring back some great memories.
And just think, one could share a wholesome milkshake with their best girl at the Guernsey Cow, then travel two miles west on route 30 to the Downingtown Farmers Market to gawk at Sandy Allen (worlds tallest woman), piss off the Friday night BINGO players by yelling "G.4" everytime you walk by and purchase a bootleg Thin Lizzy belt buckle. Those were the days.


Anonymous said...

That cow probably has more readers than me.
I'll have to visit her ice cream shop sometime.

Dr Zibbs said...

You'll have to build a time machine because it went out of business years ago. It's now a bank. If you march into the bank and demand ice cream, please let us know what happens.