Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This is the Ugliest Chick I've Ever Dated

OK, she may look ugly, but this picture was taken with a camera phone so on the ugly scale she's probably half way between Bruce Willis's daughter and the elephant man.

OK, before our customer service lines start ringing off the hook, this is actually the m113 creature from Star Trek - a replica that is. Picture was taken in Vegas a few months at the Las Vegas Hilton. They've got a whole thing called the Star Trek experience . From what I could see in the 3 minutes it took to stroll threw the lobby, I'd say it was "warp speed nerd-ariffic!" (I hereby claim copyright to this expression so please do not repeat).

A little free advice for nerds. If you're planning on taking a lady there, keep cool. Don't quote every Trek line like all of your geek friends. Have a little self respect. Trust me. You are impressing nobody.

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Army of Mom said...

I am sooo planning to go to this place whenever we manage to get to Las Vegas! It is my main reason for going!!!!!