Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thanks Mr Johhny Goodtimes Quizzo Man

Johnny Goodtimes - the Philly Quizzo guy gave a shout out to That Blue Yak in today's post. Looks as though there are other Swap Shops on AM radio - not just the best, which of course is Ron's Swap Shop on WCOJ in West Chester. The show Goodtimes refers to is at WESR in Virginia. From the looks of his post however, there is one common thread - people who call swap shops are back woodsy, non computer using folk with alot of junk to unload. God bless em'.

Speaking of trivia here are a five trivia questions to test your knowledge. (Answers are below the picture of the hobos). Good luck.
1 Black eyes peas are not peas. What are they?
2. What was the first of H.J. Heinz' "57 varieties"?
3. What hot invention was invented in 1889 in Lima, PA?
4. Who was Wildboy’s partner in a cheesy 1970’s Saturday morning TV Show?
5. What was the name of the Robot girl on Small Wonder?

1. Beans
2. Horseradish
3. The matchbook
4. Bigfoot (from the Krofft Supershow)
5. Vicki
To view the list of Philly and Philly burbs that feature Quizzo, click here

A few in the Chester County area are at:

TJ's Everyday - Paoli (never even heard of this place but looks good from website)
The Whip Tavern - West Marlborough (which I also have been told has the best hand carved roast beef sandwich in Chester County.


Army of Mom said...

My answer to No. 1 was a band. :)

And, to answer your question about the Mardi Gras picture - no, I have better cans than that. :)

Dr Zibbs said...

Yes Indeedy.