Friday, March 23, 2007

Commercial Review: Witch Doctor's Head Shrinker Set

Enjoy the commercial of one of the best toys of 60's and 70's. Followed by a review by members of the THAT BLUE YAK cafeteria crew:

I likes the natives. Wait a minute - that politically not right.
- Mike "Shapadoo" Washington (dishwasher)

The narrator's whisper makes me know that something exciting is happening here.
- Mary "Ferder" Shaw (cashier)

The way the mom pretended she was surprised touched my heart. Her kids deserved it though, makin' those shrunken heads and what not. Not like my no good brats!
- Milly "the net" Holensford (scooper)

I'm glad the narrator let me know that shrunken heads are good for "all occasions" because with the price of eggs and Easter upon us..well.......
- Big Ted (assistant to Milly "the net" Holensford)

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