Friday, March 2, 2007

Polish Piano Player About To Make Elton John Look Like A Big Chump

THAT BLUE YAK reporter Bill Spears

I have to admit that I don't speak Polish. I know nothing about the culture. I do like perogies though if they're deep fried and promptly salted.

I'll tell you what I do know - people. And I have an idea what this little rascal is about to do - PLAY HER HEART OUT.

I can tells by the eyes. I can tell by the poised fingers. I'm asking the reader to stop and look at her expression for a full five seconds....go ahead...I'll wait. Begin.

Welcome back. This is no parlor trick, but you felt it didn't you? Yes, she is about to play, and many a foot will be a tappin'. Many a Pollack folk will soon be up and dancing. A toothy elder with a shawl will probably get up and get her groove out. The elder will be old and feeble, but she will not miss a beat. A handsome man (by Eastern European standards) will play along and dance with the elder. The "handsome one" will be wearing a flannel shirt - circa 1986 - unbuttoned three down. A memory will be made.

The piano player, that I will name Olshka, will be responsible. To give proper credit, here is the link to the story that features this upcoming superstar:

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