Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Look Everyone - It's Shields And Yarnell

These are the REAL "technical requirements" from the 70's mime sensation Shields and Yarnell" . After reading the comments and looking at the pictures - it made us so sad, we didn't have the heart to make a comment . Please collect some tissues and read on:

1 Empty house seat
6 rows towards center
1 Female dresser for Ms. Yarnell
l Wireless microphone
2 or 3 PZM mikes for Ms. Yarnell's tap number
2 People backstage for props
Professional lighting operator
Professional sound operator
2 Follow-spot operators
2 Stage monitors
Mixing board with reel-to-reel tape
Adequate house system with no broken speakers
An assortment of gels: amber, pink, green, purple, blue, red
Small helium tank to blow up balloons
16mm projector (sound not necessary)
Screen large enough for entire audience viewing
Projectionist (the film is 7 minutes long and opens show)
1 small compressor to blow up 3 very large beach balls

1 small breakfast table, table cloth, 2 chairs, large box of Cheerios, 1 quart of milk in carton, 2 clear plastic glasses, soup spoons
1 solid chair without arms (if top is metal, please pad)
1 package yellow food coloring

SHIELDS & YARNELL will need two dressing rooms, if possible.
Temperature should be in the 70-75 degree range.
Dressing rooms should be clean, have adequate lighting for facial make-up, have clean towels, facial tissues, and a bottle of Evian water (or some other spring water) in each room.
Rooms should have comfortable chairs and/or couches.

A quick change area off stage right is also needed. Should have chair, long mirror, small table, and clothes hanger for costumes.
Both the main house and stage monitor systems should have a smooth, flat natural response, free from hums, buzzes or apparent idling noise.

1. One quality mixing console with equalizer
2. One 1/4" stereo reel-to-reel tape playback machine eg. Amper, Otari, Revox, Tascam with 10" Reel
3. Two side fill monitors - e.g. Altec A-7 or Altec 1204 - B
4. Adequate amplifiers for house and stage
When mixing the house system from the audience area, console should be placed in an advantageous listening position, clear of walls and balcony overhangings.

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