Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Peanut Butter Recall Allows Akron Man To Safely Have Surprise Party For His Wife.

Akron, OHIO

Earl Benson of Akron Ohio is finally going to give his wife the surprise party of her dreams thanks to the recall of peanut butter due to Salmonella. 22 years ago, the Benson's suffered through a very unfortunate situation when his plan for a surprise birthday party were ruined. The nightmare began when Mr Benson's wife Nancy walked unexpectedly, naked and peanut butter covered into the basement. Nancy, playfully calling their German Shepherd, was horrified to find 80 party guests waiting for her in the dark.
Friends, family and coworkers were not buying her screams and pleads of, "how did that get there?"
Earl has been waiting a long time for this day.

"This salmonella outbreak is perfect. I killed the dog the day after the 1985 incident but I still didn't feel safe knowing peanut butter was available within a day's drive. I don't know how that story reached to the ends of the earth but let me tell you that our lives have been hell."
"My lady has been through a lot. The very year that the peanut butter incident happened, her brother was killed by a dude with a hook and her cousin got a damn kidney removed from him in a hotel tub -that ain't right."
Party invitations will be mailed Thursday.

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