Tuesday, March 6, 2007

That Blue Yak Correspodent Discovers Talking Chimp Video

Editorial By Jack Renard

For all the people that think the media isn't manipulative, prepare yourselves. I'm sure it's never crossed your mind while watching your videotaped reruns of 60 Minutes that Koko the gorilla wasn't the smartest ape. When you see a gorilla doing sign language you think, "this has to be the smartest ape ever -he's doing sign language".

What you are about to see will make you question the "intelligence" of Koko. This video shows chimps not only talking, but performing a play. The play is about a movie called Star Wars . I found the video on the world wide web at the web address http://www.youtube.com/ . Why are talking chimps never mentioned in the main stream media? Is the "You Tube" a place where the media hides their secret gems? I do not know.

I now present to you, the video of talking chimps:


mcglinch said...

thank you for me talking chimps.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what huH? Everyone knows the smartest chimps are found on the Planet of the Apes. I'm thinking that Mr. Blue Yak Zibbs don't have all his marbles wtih all this crzy stuff on this site.