Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Leonard Nimoy Helps Scientists With Goose Bump Research

Media, PA

Researchers at the Institute for Cutis Anserina - or goose bumps as they are more commonly known - would like to give a big fat "thank you" to Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy. Scientists have struggled in the past to produce goosebumps on demand in patients until the discovery of the Leonard Nimoy music video Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

Nerd scientist Dr. Michael Despario, speaking from the Rose Tree Corporate Park, discovered the potential of the video in February,

"As a trekkie, I've been aware of the video for years, but it wasn't until a woman I WAS dating turned on the video that I realized it's potential. From the look on her face from the other room I thought she was witnessing another 911 or something. When I ran into the room and saw that it was Spock doing his thing, I was very relieved. Within a few seconds of watching the video, her piloerection reflex was in overdrive."

Scientists are thrilled that the only potential side effect is vomiting.

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