Friday, February 19, 2010

At Least I'm Not One Of Those Dudes With A High Voice. Pranks.

I was just listening to the radio and this guy named Jimmy called in. He sounded exactly like a woman. Turns out the name was Ginny not Jimmy. And good thing because he sounded exactly like a woman.

That would stink if you think about it. People call you on the phone and think you're a woman. If I had a high voice I would just make myself talk in a really deep voice. I wonder if anyone ever does that? I bet some people do and then they go back to their regular voice maybe once a year. Deep in the woods. Alone. Talking to the animals and trees. Kind of sad.

One of the best phone pranks for incoming calls (in the category of voices) is the one that my friend Flare used to do*. He has a really deep voice. I'd say he's in the 90% of deep voices.
So when telemarketers used to call him this is what would happen:

Flare: (with his really deep voice) Hello?

Telemarketer: Yes, is Mrs Flare in?

Flare: Speaking.

Telemarketer: No MRS Flare.

Flare: This IS MRS Flare. Are you.....are you saying that I sound like a woman?

Telemarketer: (flustered), the reason we're calling Mrs Flare is...

God I would love to hear that in action.

The other one he used to do was, "You uh...You want Mrs Flare?...She died yesterday".

HAHAHA. And you thought I was mean.

*I may have posted this story on TBY already. Sorry.


Kristen said...

In one of my jobs I used to have to call volunteers to ask them to do various jobs. There was one volunteer whose voice sounded exactly like her husband's. It was very awkward.

Come to think of it, maybe it was always her and she was just fucking with me.

JenJen said...

flare sounds hot

Real Live Lesbian said...

Got any pics of Mrs. Flare? I like 'em butch! ;)

steenky bee said...

Couple of things: I have honestly been arrested for prank calling. (think college, think pot sting) It was called "Phone abuse".

Next, whenever telemarketers call us and want to talk to us about phone service, we tell them we don't have a phone. It takes a minute for it to sink in.

Dr Zibbs said...

Steenky Bee - you've been arrested for that? Have you written a post about it?

wanderingthroughwonderland said...

My partner (we're gay) is a dentist. I'm not sure if the "Dr." in front of his name caused more telemarketers to call but once we had got together, I had had enough. A woman called and asked to speak to the lady of the house. I said:

"You're talking to her."

An immediate hangup. Brilliant.

Madame Bellicose said...

You asked for it.

diane said...

Flare's a comic genius.

Dr Zibbs said...

Madame Bellicose thanks for the review. It's way off but thanks. I DID ask or it.

Diane - yeah, he's funny. He reads my blog but doesn't have one of his own.