Monday, February 8, 2010

Real Live Ex Stripper Interview. Jezebel The Great.

Twitter is an interesting place. As I mentioned, I have my @DrZibbs profile and my @FatherKelly profile. On my Father Kelly profile I don't interact with people. But if it's a celeb or someone really interesting or funny I'll direct mail them and tell them that I have the Dr Zibbs account.

A few months ago I did that exact thing to Jessie - @Jezebelthegreat* is her Twitter profile. She's one of my fav people on Twitter. Just funny, interesting or smart-assy tweets.

And an on an interesting side note, she used to be an stripper. That's where lady's strip down and dance on stage. Sometimes poles are involved. They actually use the pole in their choreography! Here's an interview I conducted with the always cool Jez the Great over email.

1) What percentage of they guys really believed that the girls liked them and wanted to date them? Would the strippers laugh at how dumb some of the regulars were or did you kind of feel sorry for some of them?

See, this is where I really differ from other dancers. I was always 100% honest with my clientele if I was dating someone, and most of them respected that. I was one of VERY few women who didn't lie or give out fake phone numbers to make more money. I mean, there were some really dishonest dancers there, dancers who would make out with guys in the lapdance area while stealing the money out of their wallets. It was pretty bad.
And yeah, there were a few times that we laughed at the sheer audacity of some of the men who came in there. I once met a guy who said I needed God, invited me to church with him and then a few minutes later, told me he wanted a lapdance...but only if I'd let him "see it." Ugh.

2) So what was it like the first night dancing? Did you practice ahead of time?

I don't remember much about the actual night I started, but I CAN tell you that I wore my first stripper heels around the house for two days beforehand so I wouldn't fall once I got onstage for the first time. I also remember that I felt really, really awkward when I got there. One of the girls made her "regular customer" (a term used in the dancing biz) buy a lapdance from me and I was so nervous I thought I was going to puke (I didn't, thankfully.) Oh, and when I saw the pole for the first time I thought, "Yeah, I'm not so sure I wanna touch that thing. Hand sanitizer? Anybody? No?"

3) The stereotype is that strippers aren't smart but you're smart and hysterical. How did you get into stripping and is that stereotype true in general?

In 2002 I started dating a dancer. In the four months we dated, I went to see her a few times at her job. Her bosses and co-workers told me they needed more girls "with dark hair and big booties." Since I'd just quit my job, I considered it; plus, I'd gained too much weight and I knew dancing would be a great workout. Still, it took a few months to finally gather the courage to do it.
There are three basic stereotypes about dancers, and "being too dumb to do anything else" is one of them. I'm not going to say it IS true, because I've worked with quite a few women who are just as smart as I am (though not as funny...I'm one in a million, man), but at the same time...let's just say I could use big words around some of them and they would just cock their heads and say, "Wha...?"

4) Were there ever cat fights among the girls? And then it spilled out into a back alleyway?

Haha, "back alleyway." We had fights, of course, but most of them took place in the dressing room while someone held the door shut so the bouncers couldn't get in and break them up. I only got in one fight early on, and it happened in front of everyone in the club. After that, I didn't really have to worry about girls messing with me...especially after I started my dominatrix act. I was a little badass.

5)What percentage of clubs are girls "giving a bit extra"? If you know what I mean.

I only worked in five clubs during my dancing career, and only two of them were...lenient? on girls getting away with more than should be allowed. It was a little unnerving to try to do a lapdance when you look over and the girl next to you has some guy's dick in her hand. Yeesh.

6) What made you decide to stop dancing and what are you doing now?

I quit dancing this past June because a) I was 33 years old, I'd been dancing for seven damn years and I'd never planned on making a career out of it; and b) I'd started dating someone here in Detroit (I lived in Oklahoma) and we decided to move me here and "make an honest woman out of me," haha. He was worth quitting for; he's a great guy and he takes good care of me. I like being a nice, normal suburban housewife-type.
Also, there was no way in hell I was going to dance in Detroit. I don't have a death wish, man.

Do you have any questions for her? Ask them in the comments area.

*If you're on Twitter, follow her and tell her Zibbs sent you. She also has a blog that can be found here.

AND, I was too lazy to crop the picture that she to sent me that showed too much butt but to see another link to her click here. And I convinced her to start a blog a few weeks ago. To view that, click here and follow her.


JenJen said...

Interesting perspective.

Dr Zibbs said...

Thanks JeJen. And the more I think about it, I don't think I DID meet her through my @FatherKelly profile. I think I was following was following her. Who knows?

JezebelTheGreat said...

Thanks again for the interview,'s been awhile since someone was genuinely curious about what I used to do for a living.

Stop by and say hi, people. I'm nice, I promise.

Dr Zibbs said...

No problem Jez - It's a pleasure to know you.


"Classy Z" (that's the new nickname I just gave myself earlier today)

Cornelius J. Hamburger said...


Great interview. I'm a big fan of yours on Twitter. If I ever saw you on the street I'd ask for a high five for certain...Hmm..Or maybe a low 10. Whichever you're better at I guess.

Now that you're no longer dancing, what would you like to do besides dodge bullets in the motor city and wow people with your wit on Twitter?

JMUmonty said...

@jezebelthegreat is a funny twitterer. And occassionally posts pictures of herself from her days "in the biz." And haD a great wallpaper on her twitter homepage. And she has really long hair. And she's not mexican.

So you should follow her.

Dr Zibbs said...

JMUonty - thanks for that insightful review.