Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blogger Imagines Ladder Accident While On Ladder Yesterday.

Yesterday I was way up on the ladder trying to cut branches. You see, I need to get more sunlight going to my veggie garden.

I don't really mind the height once I'm up there but once in a while it spooks me. I looked over and a saw one of the red tailed hawks in another tree and I was imagining that he was going to swoop at me. I'd then accidentally push the ladder and I'd be hanging on for dear life.

I'd be yelling for my wife to put the ladder back. She'd finally get the ladder up but I'd be afraid to put my feet back onto it for fear of falling. We'd then get into an argument over whether she should call some neighbors to help or the fire department but I couldn't figure out which would be less embarrassing.

After a while people would start gathering at the curb to see what all racket was about.

This is a real scenario of the type of stuff that goes through my head everyday. Oh Lord - why was a cursed with this brain? It just won't stop sometimes.

Now enjoy this klutz falling off a small ladder.


SkylersDad said...

He ignored the warning clearly stating "This is not a Step"

Girl Interrupted said...

Your brain cracks me up ... it's a gift, not a curse

Just watch out for zombies

Vodka Mom said...

now THAT i enjoyed. I'm sick that way.

Gaston Studio said...

I like the way your brain works too; seems perfectly normal to me.

a striver for sanity said...

I think it is hysterical the ads that are posted to correspond to the word labels! There are lawyers and even a safety program! Then there is the one wanting to make your blog into a book. I'd like to place an order. A coffee table edition would make for a nice foot rest. Your autograph would be expected though.

sista #2 said...

Bet the neighbors would have stood around drinking beer while yelling obscenities at you.

Not me, I would never have done that.


Dr Zibbs said...

Sista #2 - you would throw a beer up to me wouldn't you?

Yeah - you would.

Jeannie said...

If it were you, I'd have been taunting you right from the start then throwing it back to you afterward while cackling with glee at your stupidity. Nothing personal. That's just the way I am.

Chaka said...

Ouch! Having a vivid imagination can be a blessing and a curse. I can relate to your Calvin and Hobbes day dreaming "what if" scenario.

By the way I'm a little bit miffed at you because I haven't been able to get the Eight is Enough theme song out of my head for nearly a week now.

Cameron said...

I often worry about running out of gas, or having mechanical problems, at the busiest intersection in Peoria. Ironically, Peoria doesn't have nearly the traffic of most major cities.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Calvin and Hobbes day dreaming~! Perfect, Chaka.

Do you have a stuffed tiger? Or would that role be played by your wife? Probably secretly egging you on to watch you fall. Hobbes was like that.

GirlI is right. You really do need to watch out for zombies...just so you can write about how they would try to break into your house and how you would Walter Mitty your way out of it~!

Thanks for the laugh.

~E said...

Somehow something tells me that if you were to fall off a ladder, there would be a camera near by to record every excruciatingly funny second.

And also, you'd probably be one of the lucky saps who would win a crapton of money when you sent the said video to america's funniest.

Coolred38 said...

Well hell...the guy was fine right up until...well...he wasnt.

I bet he was one of those dudes that gets real red faced and pissed off that he made himself look like an ass in front of the wife...on video no less...but after his pride is assuaged he's grabbing the video..hitting rewind and thumping his manly chest over his AWESOME display of aerodynamics...those kind of dudes are WAAAY COOL....way!!!

btw my word verification is "ingic"...which sounds perfect...that guy on the ladder made a perfect "ingic" out of

Greta said...

Can you imagine how many of your neighbor's days would be made seeing you hanging there?

That'd be great. It would surely make mine. I'd say...You won't believe what Zibbs did today, dear.

Dr Zibbs said...

Greta - it would be pretty funny. Of course it were happening to someone else it would be REALLY funny because I'm a really poor sport.