Friday, April 10, 2009

Rhode Island Song For Jesus. Peaches, Lobsters and Pencils.

So the Friday Send Off Song is dedicated to Jesus for pulling his magic. And we shall celebrate it this Easter. If it wasn't for Jesus we wouldn't have Cadbury Chocolate eggs. Now would we?

The song is called, "Rhode Island is Famous for You". Has anyone ever heard this song? It's very catchy. For the sinners that won't be visiting my blog until after Easter - have a good one. For those that will be checking out my blog this weekend - I bless thee.

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Pearl said...

Had never heard it before, but it was totally worth the click!

SkylersDad said...

I can't seem to stop my foot from tapping!

Dr Zibbs said...

Skylers Dad - I warned you.

Girl Interrupted said...

That was great! My Grandad would love it.

Have a lovely Easter. your awesomeness


Dr Zibbs said...

Girl I - Here's make out session with you ..

(turns around and reaches hands around to to back and rubs)

Oh yeah...mmmm. Yeah....ohhh.

See. I told you I was good.

Girl Interrupted said...

Hahaha ... I almost felt that!

Not bad!

Dr Zibbs said...

Girl I - I told you I was good.

Philly said...

I don't have time to listen at the moment. Too busy with 911 calls and piss.

Thank you and good night


Andrew Rodriguez said...

Were you in Kildare's between 4 and 4:30? Crap were we there at the same time????

sista #2 said...

I love this song!!!!

I am wiggling in my seat.


Cora said...

Thank you, Jesus, for the Cadbury Chocolate Eggs. Amen.

diane said...

That video is great after 3 beers!

Happy Easter Zibbsy!

(am I talking loud?)

Shawn said...

Ha! You do pad your titles with various items that will make google hits dontcha? Peaches, Lobsters and Pencils... Bwahahaha!

Word veri is phshed...isn't that what librarians say? Phshed!

Michelle said...

Video == Great

Thank you for blessing me. You know what that means??

That means I will be back!!!

See ya!!!

Dr Zibbs said...

AR - I was there from 5:30 - 6. Close call.

Shawn - yeah - I try to do that in most posts since I'm a traffic whore.

J. Hi said...

Yay Jesus!