Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Stuff Friday From Chester County Blogger. Nancy Grace.

And now some random thoughts from Chester County PA.

- I Love 30 Rock. It's a TV show.

- I watch the history channel all the time and I love learning about other cultures but whenever anything comes on about India I get bored and turn the channel. Is that wrong?

- I wish they had a 70's porno soundtrack that could be played at parties.

- My wife is obsessed with Twilight. I'm thinking about getting a vampire outfit.

- Michelle Obama is really starting to annoy me. What's the big deal?

- I don't know if Nancy Grace is married of not but could you imagine hearing that voice every night? Jesus Christ!

- If you haven't seen the Chris Issac show - check it out on the Bio Channel. He interviews rock stars. He's interviewing Cat Stevens tonight. I used to get it on in college with this one chick while listening to him. Great memories.


moooooog35 said...

Everything you need to learn about India you can gather from "The Amazing Race":

1) There's lots and lots and lots of Indian people and the majority of them don't seem to be working tech support jobs

2) Most of these unemployed Indians stand around in groups of 7,000 on street corners and watch their kids eat trash

3) Cows can move! All this time I thought they just stood around until they were packaged.

4) It smells.

5) A family of 7 can fit comfortably on the handlebars of a moped.

6) Never Yield anyone on Amazing Race because it will bite you in the ass in the end.

Now you're free to change the channel.

You're welcome.

Phat Mama said...

I thought I was first to comment but no, freakin' moogie has to steal my thunder!

Must see picture of you in vampire outfit.

Only Fran Drescher would be worse than Nancy Grace.

I used to get it on to Pink Floyd - The Wall. Talk about friction burns.

P.S. Mentioned you on my blog today, have a look.

Hit 40 said...

Definitely get the vampire outfit!!! Nothing to lose.

Girl Interrupted said...

I LOVE the History Channel!

I don't understand what the big deal is about Twilight and fancying vampires in general. They all look sullen and pasty to me.

Although Angel on Buffy was uber-hot

sista #2 said...

My daughter is also addicted to twilight.

Vampire outfit? I once wore army gear for Big F.....machine gun and all.

Nancy crossed the line mister. The sista's love her. She is one tough cookie.

Chris Issac...never heard of him. But have you ever watched Chelsea lately?? OMG she is a riot.


Kelly said...

I heart Michelle Obama, but in a frien-emy kind of way. BECAUSE if I did hang out with her, I'd totally sleep with her husband at a party. I wouldn't be all "Monica Lewinsky" and tell everyone either. So, Michelle - let's hang out!

Andrew Rodriguez said...

I share the same perplexions as you do, Doctor Z

Blonde Goddess said...

I vote for the vampire outfit!
Pictures! Pictures!
(Wear only the teeth and cape.)

Prunella Jones said...

I think since we're talking about Twilight here, that a vampire outfit is unnecessary. All you need to do is slap on some sparkling body glitter and you're all set. I recommend the Hello Kitty brand. It smells like rainbows.

And please, do post the pictures!

mhawf said...

Oh my god, you asked "What's the big deal?", in reference to Michelle Obama. Well, Let me walk you through it.

First off she is taking the forefront at a poignant time for American women. American women have fought long and hard to become accomplished and prominent in the work place, and most tended to put off having a family, and doing to the stay at home thing, and that mindframe is starting to change. Right now Michelle comes forth, and alot of women are learning moderation in regards of how to balance the family alongside their profession.

Michelle O. is an incredibly accomplished woman. In fact she was President Obama's mentor when he came to work at the law firm she practiced at. She has taken her professional knowledge to the home and brings it to her position and her family. She lays down the law and she knows and shows how to balance the two seamlessly.

We can discuss in further detail in person. . . If you want to get me started.

Ok now everyone can get back to their light banter, I won't get started on India.

Philly said...

#1 loves her nightly fix of Nancy, so don't be talking down on her buddy.

And for them Twilight followers. No offense, but they are a butch of fucking oddballs.

Just my thoughts.

Lana said...

i'm disappointed in the lack of enthusiasm for 30 rock. you can't hate on alec baldwin just for that one weird hulu commercial.

Sass said...

There IS a 70's porno soundtrack. I'll find it on my facebook and send it to you.

Nancy Grace = nails on a chalkboard.

Michelle Obama = whatevs.

Have a great weekend, Doc. ;)

Dr Zibbs said...

P Jones -"Smells liek rainbows". I'm going try that as a new pickup line.

Sass - Can't wait to hear it!

Cameron said...

After you get into costume, bite your wife....I mean really take a chunk out of her. Then ask her how she feels about Twilight.

Gwen said...

30 Rock rocks.

I was walking into my office building the other day and there were about eight Indian guys hanging around the door, mulling some decision in Hindi and I really wanted to yell at them: "Hey, Bollywood! Stop blocking the goddamn door!" But I didn't.

I liked the Twilight through the second book. By the third I recognized the formula and grew bored. I'm going to read the 4th but only because I'm no quitter.

Nancy Grace is vile in human form. I just threw up a little.

LOVE Cat Stevens, the little freak. But not as much as I love you.

diane said...

70's Twilight porn,
Rainbow Obama mama,
State of Grace.

(I miss Skywind, what can I say?)

dmb5_libra said...

yes nancy grace is married. her husband is obivously a bitchy gay. i can't believe any straight man would want to have sex with that....thing.

TishTash said...

Matricide is never a good idea unless your mother is Nancy Grace. She would not only ground you, she would grind your eardrums to dust everytime she did.

H said...

- 30 Rock...meh - it has it's moments

- Switch to NatGeo - much better shows

- 70's porno soundtrack = Boogie Nights soundtrack, no?

- Twilight...horrible - and I agree go with the sparkly glitter if she like twilight cause they are the cape and fake fangs retro vamps

- Michelle Obama ROCKS!! She will never bother me anywhere close as much as Nancy Reagan :::shivers:::, even the media talks about her everyday of the week.

- Nancy Grace is married and I can take her small doses.

- Chris Issac show = YUMMY!!
Cat Stevens = YUMMY!!

H said...

Oops meant to say Twilight vamps are NOT the cape and fang retro vamps.

J.J. in L.A. said...

-Never watched 30 Rock. Can't stand Alec Baldwin - (even before he verbally bitch-slapped his kid).

-I loves me some History channel! India bores me too...I can't understand the accent.

-I'm sure there's a soundtrack out there somewhere. Have you tried Ebay?

-I tried reading Twilight and couldn't. I don't like books written in 1st person.

-Michelle Obama IS annoying.

-Nancy G. is (still) married (I think) with twin toddlers. What annoys me is her "It's just one thing after the next..." It's "one thing after ANOTHER"! Get it right!

-Chris who?

buffalodick said...

I think when they make the first lady's opinion important(who was elected to nothing!), about things that aren't important.. we're supposed to give a shit..

Jeannie said...

Love 30 Rock

Hate Nancy Grace EVERYTHING IS SO FUCKING IN YOUR FACE WITH HER - actually, I don't think I've seen her for a couple years

Hate Twilight fucking vampires - who the fuck cares about vampires? Weren't they old in the 60's? Geez People are nuts.

I think I need another beer.

Mandy's Kidding said...

I would totally pick Michelle Obama for my basketball team.

Chris Isaac's "Somebody's Crying" is the best breakup song ever.

Peggy said...

Chris Isaak is just the right amount of weird to intrigue me...I love him...thanks for the heads up...I'm going to put that show in my dvr!

J. Hi said...

That's not her real voice, it's her stage voice.

Vampire love is overrated.

mhawf--get over yourself!

Dr Zibbs said...

Mandy's Kidding - I agree.

J Hi - Oh yeah cat fight - RAAAARREEE! I do agree with you. I need to get with Mhawf and set her straight.

Maggie May said...

She is married, and my son thinks the same as you about her.

*mary* said...

Every time a young white girl goes missing, Nancy Grace does a special ratings dance... and you know what she'll be talking about for the next six months.

ric said...

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