Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Time That People Might Have Seen Me On The News And More! Dolls. Philly.

Yeah so I used to work at a major giftware company in Product Development. So years ago someone had the idea to get into the doll business. So they made me go to a small show off of City Line Avenue (near Philly) just to scope out any trends and look for potential vendors.

No big deal. Until I was there. I'm walking around - one of the only dudes there - and someone approaches me and...

Person: You work for ZYZ Company?

Me: Yes I do.

Person: Are you getting into the doll business?

Me: Well we're just investigating it at this point....

Person: I work for Doll World Magazine. Would you mind if we took your picture? (And there's a guy standing there with a huge camera)

Here's where I go into total panic mode. I was just an assistant at the time and I'm sure my company didn't want word that we might enter the doll world (can't even believe I'm typing this) AND there's no way in hell I wanted to have my picture in a doll magazine!

I pictured someone's Grandma seeing me in the magazine then, "Mary is this that nice boy Jimmy Zibbs? He's into dolls or something.." Then word spreads like wildfire.

So I told the lady, "Uh can you catch up with me maybe a bit later? I'm looking for someone."

So I'm kind of relieved but then I'm on the lookout for them. Avoiding them. And when I thought I was out of the water I see......... ACTION NEWS!

It must have been a slow news day and the local ABC station is filming the event. Didn't help that they're located right next to where the show was.

So then I'm really shitting my pants because I picture the reporter saying...

Reporter: ...and there's ALL kinds of people at this doll show. Old women, young women, little girls..and even....MEN???? Sir? Sir? Can we have a word with you??"

Then the cameras zoom in and you see me looking like a deer in headlights. Just as I'm about to faint a hand taps my shoulder, "Are you ready for the Doll World Magazine interview?"

That's when I got the hell out of Dodge!


Dr Zibbs said...

Think I may need to let some more work stories out of the bag.

Anonymous said...

so could you start 3 more sentences with the word 'so'? I didn't quite get my fill from this post.

Dr Zibbs said...

Anonymous - I like to write in a casual style. It relaxes the reader and makes them feel like they're crossed legged in front of me on a square of carpet.

Also, leave your name next time so you're not so anonymous.

sybil law said...

It's okay. I know your house is filled with creepy dolls.

TC said...

I know what you're getting for christmas:


Anonymous said...

Creepy at best, but funny as hell. "Elfin Fun' and focus on black and brown dolls? Do they have a white doll aversion? and just how do designer bears marry up with the marie osmond doll on the cover? Weird pairing, might as well add clowns. PS. Berber carpet is out and shag is back in baby! HA Kel

Furtheron said...

Ok nice swerve there... clearly somewhere on the internet a picture has gone up of you at said doll convention - you need a cover story and this I may say is a brilliant effort... 8/10 minimum... ;-)

Dr Zibbs said...

TC - I love it.

Anon - I love evil clowns too.

Furtheron - BUSTED!