Monday, June 18, 2012

Hysterical Parody of The Absurd Story of Noah. The Bible is BS.

This cartoon about the absurdity of Noah's ark is hysterical. Seriously, how in the world do people believe this nonsense?

The rebut may even be funnier:


Suze said...

Had been enjoying your blog. Some good (funny and light) stuff. Not sure I understand why people have to go on the offensive regarding the beliefs of others. Live and let live?

(Didn't watch the clips.)

Dr Zibbs said...

Suze - Why wouldn't you even watch the clip? Why is religion so off base to discuss but every other subject in life is?

Sorry you feel that way.

Dr Zibbs said...

...and it's not being on the offensive. If you believe in the Bible it's up to you to convince ME why it's real.

Just like I'm not anti unicorn I'm not anti gods. Someone that believes in it just has to convince me that it's real.

Dr Zibbs said...

...and Suze this video is just stating what the Bible says! Take a look.

Andrea Kiliany Thatcher said...

Dude, defensive much? You've replied three times to her one polite, mild statement. It's not up to her or anyone else to convince you of anything. Believe what you want and maybe leave other people alone.

In case you forgot or it doesn't come across clearly here I LOVE YOU ZIBBS. :P

Dr Zibbs said...

Andrea - No it's up to people to convince me if they want to shove a god in my face. Not that SHE did but people in general.

Furtheron said...

"how in the world do people believe this nonsense?"


There is your problem - they don't have to convince you - you need faith

Say I could definitely prove the God of the bible doesn't exist... what would happen? Those with faith would shrug their shoulders say "very nice" and carry on believing since they have faith.

I'm not a believer as such like that - in fact sometimes I'm jealous of people who have faith like that to believe so deeply in something questioning... it is like the deepest unconditional love. Have to say as a characteristic of humans it is rather impressive

Suze said...

Hey Zibbs, got through about two minutes of the first video because either life is short or my attention span is.

I actually like to talk about religion a lot. I was raised a Christian and still am one, though I no longer go to church, have my share of problems with the Bible and dissociate the way I practice from much of what I remember as being the MO of institutionalized religion.

What I've observed is that belief and incredulity are steeped in a number of variables so intensely personal that to try to unravel them is a sticky, risky proposition when you have two people of very different viewpoints.

But Andrea's right. I've given this, at least, a lot of thought in the last eight or so months and the bottom line is that for me it is faith -- which picks up where the inability to adequately articulate leaves off. And as a writer, I spend a lot of time trying (to articulate.) But it's also more than faith, it's a part of who I am. Kind of like how the Lucky Charms I've been having for breakfast for the last seven years are a part of who I am. Not being facetious + I like the example.

I read the entire Bible all the way through only once -- just before I got pregnant with my only daughter nearly ten years ago. It's a pretty violent, difficult-to-digest book and God doesn't always come out in a very flattering light, particularly in the OT. I *still* don't know what to make of all of that. There's some pretty twisted, repellant stuff in there. I was raised with an entrenched belief in the errancy of the scriptures but never really made it all the way there in that regard, myself. I say that with holy fear. Not the yowch I don't want to be ground into a fine pulver for blasphemy kind. More the there are things that are a lot bigger than me and I recognize this kind.

Read a book last year called 'The Believing Brain' and there was a story of a girl who was (unintentionally) killed by her superiors in a rebirthing experiment because she wasn't sufficiently attached to her adoptive mother. When I read it, I was so grieved, repulsed and emptied out, I couldn't even pray. But doubt didn't kill my faith. I don't doubt. I'm not even sure why I don't doubt. I just don't. I seek like hell. I seek like a demon (haha) but I don't doubt.

Anyway, I think I like to talk religion more than most people, but I don't like to argue.

I like to talk.

Dr Zibbs said...

Suze - I actually don't talk much about it as there is no way to convince people.

And I have no problem with people and their beliefs. Or people that believe in God. I have no idea if he exists or not.

I have more of an issue with the Bible. Some people will open up the discussion then refuse to debate it logically. They will continue to quote scripture when the scripture is the very thing that we're debating. And they can be smart and logical in every other area of their lives.

There are so many contradictions and factual errors in the Bible that it's laughable. And most people like to pick and choose which parts they believe are right. If it's a bible why wouldn't it be 100 percent acurate? They'll say the over the top stuff is parable but the things they believe in (ie Jesus rising from the dead) are fact.

And go onto to say that if you don't believe in Jesus you'll burn in hell. So the murderer on his death bed that accepts Christ will go to heaven yet people around the world that don't believe will burn in hell. What kind of God is that? Sounds more like the devil.

I actually have more respect for the people that believe in it literally. A person on Twitter recently said she does. I asked a random question, "Do you think the dinosaurs were around before humans? According to the Bible it says man came first."

Her answer? "How do you know they didn't walk on earth together?" Uh, because of scientific evidence. Well, at least she's consistent.

An argument that will never be won.

Suze said...

Haha. I thought about this after I logged off and couldn't get it out of my head. I thought I posted, 'errancy,' when I meant 'inerrancy,' and I did.

Funny Freudian slip ...

Well, I guess I look forward to more of your posts in this vein. It's been a while since I chucked it around with an atheist -- though you sound more like an agnostic who takes issue with the Bible, and I can appreciate that.

Dr Zibbs said...

Suze - Gotcha. And I usually keep things light on this blog anyway. Thanks for commenting. Don't be a stranger.

Andrea Kiliany Thatcher said...

Re: your response to me Zibbs, are people shoving God in your face a lot? To quote you, why are you so angry???? Different strokes for different folks.

And I actually kind of hate talking about religion, you just seems so on the offense, so AGGRESSIVELY anti-religion, walking around swinging that thing around. :P (Not that we don't all enjoy that.)