Sunday, December 21, 2008

Various Thoughts On Cooking Shows

I love to cook and I love to watch cooking shows. Here are a few random thoughts on cooking shows.

Bobby Flay - makes awesome food and is a great instructor. I love the Throwdown. I really miss Grillin' and Chillin' which was one of the first Food TV shows.

The Neely's - annoy the hell out of me. "Oh yeah baby, put some more sugar on that. Just like you - sweatie". Shut up!

Emeril makes some great food but his Schtick makes me sick. The only thing worse than, "BAM" is the reaction that the seals in the audience give him when he mentions he's going to add more garlic. Puuulease. And he better watch it because he's getting tubby.

Rachel Ray? I can't take her anymore.

Alton Brown - I'm almost done with him but his basics of cooking and the science behind cooking keeps me watching. But major nerd.

Guy Fieri - I can't get enough of the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Show. He's got a few new good shows now.

Giada De Laurentis -Pretty likeable. Shows are OK. Is it just me or does she have one of the largest head you've ever seen. Pretty sexy though.

Tyler Florence - Excellent. He makes some great stuff.

Aida Mollenkamp - Have no idea when her show is on but she's a feast for the eyes.

Man Vs Food -This is of my new favorite shows. He goes to various places and tries to breat the record for food intake. Kevin Arnold lookalike?

The Barefoot Contessa - I can't watch without thinking about her feet. Therefor, I don't watch.

Gordon Ramsay - He can be a real A-hole but if you can't stand the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen.
There you go.


Vodka Mom said...

Can't stand the Neely's OR Rachel. Nope.

Michelle J said...

You forgot Paula Deen!!!

She is adorable, but her cooking is way to fatty and fred for me!!!

Michelle J said...

ooops, fried!!!!

Morgan the (Almost) Muse said...

I agree with you on Rachel Ray. Unfortunately, I use bunny ears for my tv, and she is the only one I have seen. :/

J.J. in L.A. said...

I can't STAND Rachel, even if I could stand.

I like Emeril's show but I keep the volume low because the "BAM!" annoys me.

I like Guy's show - I just don't like Guy. Take a Downer, dude! Actually Emeril needs one too.

Don't know any of the others.

Talk With No Thought said...

You and I are food show soulmates, except for the contessa. I know she's boring as what but I loooove her show. I try not to but there's no fighting it.

Andrew Rodriguez said...

Any thoughts on Chef Tell, the Cajun Chef, the Swedish Chef, and the Queen of them all Julia Child?

Dr Zibbs said...

Andrew R - I do like J Child. But mostly because I think of Dan Akroyd's impression of her.

McGone said...

I'm digging Man Vs. Food, but I can't help but wonder about that man's bathroom habits after watching any given episode. And that's not really what I want to be thinking about when it comes down to the Tings I want To Think About Any Person. Ever. That's why I'm a graphic designer by trade and not a proctologist.

And I've said this to my girlfriend a thousand times... I don't care if Giada has the biggest head ever, it is one goddamn good lookin' head.

McGone said...

I meant "Things." Unless you read my comments with a Jamaican accent, then there was no typo.

B.E. Earl said...

I dig Bobby Flay's Throwdown. He did one a while back with a restaurant right around the corner from us. He lost. Ha!

And it's not just you. Giada has a huge head. My three year old niece (at the time) was coloring and she looked up and said "Dat lady got a big head and a little body", and then continued to color.

Scope said...

Alton Brown – All things considered, I should like him more. I need the science. Explain it to me. But some of the shtick is a little thick. But he did eat a brain sandwich in Evansville on his road trip thing, so I give him that.

Micgar said...

I don't watch these shows-actually don't watch too much TV at all)Rachel Ray would be ok to watch without any sound. Hey, but what about Nigella-I would watch her show just because, well, her. Remember that dumb show about the cooks competing and that hot Indian model is one of the judges? She's hot. Yeah I guess I watch cooking cooking shows to watch the beautiful cooks (or cooking judges!)
Yeah Giada has a large head-or it's shaped like a rounded off box. That photo of her is kinda kinky-maybe she just harvested the brains of someone with a non-rounded off box head.

Mind of MadMan said...

Same here regarding food shows, but Gaidia makes my head big.

Anonymous said...

I'd fuck Giorgio Locatelli.

jiggins said...

Yeah I don't do food shows anymore.. (or television for that matter,)and I don't get why everyone is so anti- Rachel Ray..
I don't just mean you all here.. i mean EVERYONE I have talked to. I don't see what the fuss is about? :)

Well.. I like to eat..and I just hit up bookstores and Amazon for cooking ideas..and I work in a great restaurant so I eat fairly well - point being - I watch the chef at work and don't watch television for any reason - least of all cooking shows :)

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Guy Fieri ROCKS!! Love his Pewter/Yellow Gatorz Sunglasses. Oh yeah, his shows rock also!

HATE THE NEELEYS. No couple is that happy cooking in the kitchen.

WHat do you think of the new winner "Big Daddy"??? I've only watched his show once since he won and it wasn't anything amazing?

Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

You know this post is right up my alley.

That is an AWFUL pic of Giada, BTW.

Speakin her. I like the way her knife cuts sound, they must put a mic right down on the counter. Weird, I know. I dunno about her head, but she has way more than 32 teeth.

The Neely's were cute at first. Too sickening sweet, and their stuff is way too fattening. Paula, too.

I loathe Emeril. The "BAM" and "gaaalic" is so grating my nerves at this point. But what irks me the most is the "Awww yeah babe!" after he adds whatever ingredient. Sounds just what he would be like during sex, and well, that's just grody.

Rachel needs to give her voice a rest.

Guy Fieri gained about 50 lbs since he got his show. Tyler Florence gained about 25. WHY!?

Love Jamie Oliver. His accent is too cute for words.

Bobby Flay is good, but cocky. Me no likey cocky. When guys are dicks I mean. Nevermind.

My favorite of ALL time (but not on Food Network) is Lidia Bastianich. She's on PBS and there is nothing more soothing than her show! Met her, too. What a sweetie! (Not to be confused with "sweatie" - Zibbs' blatant typo up there.)

Falwless said...

I love Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!! Makes me hungry every frickin' time I watch it.

Bacon Lady said...

I love Alton Brown. Love him. But I'm into nerdy, so take that as you will.

Rachel Ray has man hands and her personality makes me want to punch her in the face.

Bobby Flay is a chump. Emeril can suck it. The Neely's...can't even watch that show.

Man vs. Food is our favorite new show too.

What about that Bizarre Food show? The host (Andrew Zimmerman) goes around the world and eats crazy gross stuff. I spend half the show with the blanket over my eyes (while my husband's mouth waters).

saratogajean said...

I LOVE Adam Richman from Man Vs. Food. The only bad thing is when his show comes on right before the Bizarre Foods show. Although those guinea pigs in Ecuador did look preeettty good.

moooooog35 said...

Giada does have a big melon.

I'd like to see it from the top.

buffalodick said...

I agree with you catagorically, but Paula Deen is the most annoying person cooking today... How friggin' many times can you say "Yuall" in one sentence...

Some Guy said...

Megan LOVES the Alton Brown show. I think he's a major fucking cheeseball, but it is pretty interesting. The food on DD&D is what I find most appealing.

And yes, Giada has a disproportionately large head, among other things.

Whiskeymarie said...

As I'm in a kitchen all day, I tend to avoid cooking/food shows like the plague. Too showboat-y for my taste.

But I looooove Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" (mostly because he's on my "celebrities I'd gladly have sweaty, messy sex with), and I will confess to being a bit addicted to "Top Chef".

And, sorry to break it to you- but Andrew Zimmern sucks big, hairy donkey balls. I hate that blob.

Big. Hairy. Balls.
The end.

Anonymous said...

I miss Nigella Bites. I just liked her style. Not loud. Not confrontational. I liked her relaxed cooking style.

Chele said...

my favorite tv cook is Nigella Lawson, man she makes cooking look so sexy. I simply just love watching her and making her delicious treats, she is hot too. so hot, my dream woman.

red said...

Bourdain is the king of everything.

As far as Food Network peeps, I love Alton and Tyler is ridiculously dreamy. Guy is annoying as hell...even worse than Rachel Ray. And I think it's shitty what they've done to Emeril considering he built their entire damn network.

Dr Zibbs said...

Chele - I agree with you on Nigella. She's a buxom beauty.

Red - Did Emeril leave on his own? I was wondering aobut that. And I do think that his show on the Green Network is pretty stupid because the only difference from his regular show is that once and a while he'll say, "and these peels you can throw in the compost pile." Pretty lame if you ask me.

mike said...

remember Graham Kerr? I liked him.

Dora said...

LOL Kimmie, Guy has not gained 50 pounds since he got his shows. Still the same 215 pounds he's always been.

Dr. Zibbs, from what I've read, Emeril left by mutual accord. The FN didn't have any rights to his lucrative side projects. uh-oh.

Giggle Pixie said...

I don't watch cooking shows and I STILL can't take any more of Rachel Rae.


greeneyesmcl said...

Some people think Bobby Flay is hot. Hmmm, I heard you resemble him.

Jen said...

i love Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!!

Giada De Laurentis
Teeth frighten me

Alexa said...

ok- that picture simply disturbs me.

Chris said...

Good list and I agree, especially on the Neely's. Love Guy, he rocks.

Some others:

Mario Batali - I really like his cooking style and his demeanor. I love his older stuff, wish they could get him back into new production other than Iron Chef and specials.

Michael Symon - Just don't like him, don't know why. He grates my nerves.

The cake dude - These shows just bore me to tears.

Distributorcap said...

no iron chef?