Sunday, April 15, 2007

Handsome Imus Photo Uncovered By Millie Dean.

That Blue Yak Headquarters - Editorial by Millie Dean

Nappy headed ho, Nappy headed ho - I've had it up to my ears with this story. The real story is the picture my grandson Timmy showed me of a young Imus. As you can see from this picture, he's not the grueseome, crypt keeper looking monster that we've seen lately on the television.

What I see is a handsome young man. A man that knows how to shake his booty and get down. A sassy prankster that enjoys the finer things. A man who knows that it's OK to leave three buttons undone but doesn't feel the need to "guinea things up " by wearing a gold chain.
That is class.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog very funny. Take a look at mine and let me know what you think. I'd appreciate your opinion.

Thanks, bub.

david mcmahon said...

G'day Dr Zibbs,
As someone who gave me the funniest nomination for the Awards, would you like to be the guest judge of this week's Blog Awards? See my blogpost titled `You Be The Judge' and let me know.
Keep smiling

Dr Zibbs said...

David, you are indeed wise man to realize that THAT BLUE YAK gave the funniest nomination for your award. And we will accept the challege of being a guest judge.

Silvano said...

Millie Dean , what is your ethnic background ? is it Jackass.