Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck - This is Wild Stuff Boy

I've never been a fan of Ben Affleck, but this video is great. For those not in the know, Sarah Silverman has a running joke that she's gettin' it on with Matt Damon. This is a great retort with some nice celeb appearances like Brad Pitt, Robin Williams, Joan Jett and more. This is a brilliant sketch that will make people who have never tuned into the Jimmy Kimmel show check it out.

Should I Throw Up On My TV Before Or After Kicking It?

"Overmyer dead body!" Those would be my words if American Idol contestant Amanda Overmyer were my daughter and she attempted to leave the house. Is this chick trying to be Leather Tuscadero? And the shocker - she's only 23! And her singing. Come on now! I would rather have Randy Jackson follow me around for a year asking me "What's up dog?" than hear this chick one more night. I'm calling on everyone to pray to Jesus together so we can harness his magical powers and have Amanda OFF.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Various Food Blogs

Here you go fatso's. A few interesting food blogs that I've been enjoying lately:

The Burrito Blog - Nice blog on everything to do with burritos including burrito reviews by state as well as multi state burrito chains.
Burritofile - ...And another burrito blog with nice pics and reviews.
Slice - Dedicated to everything pizza.

I Love Pork - Blog about the love of pork. Recipes, great pics and funny pig related tidbits.

Bacontarian - Bacon. That is all.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Food Commercial Hypnotizes Thousands - View At Your Own Risk

Warning: those that are easily hypnotized or have fallen victim to subliminal messages be forewarned. You WILL have a desire to put on your favorite eighties wig and begin your search for the delicious KANA after viewing this commercial.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Unbelievable Lunar Eclipse Photos From West Chester

The lunar (say: Loon-Er) eclipse pictures taken last night by THAT BLUE YAK are indeed unbelievable as see above. Look at that! That is an actual photo taken by a non NASA camera. Wow! OK, the pics are crap but looking through binoculars it was pretty impressive.

To see a cool picture, check out Home Town Hangover, one of our favorite West Chester blogs. We actually were reading their blog while watching American Idol and were motivated enough go outside and get all science-y.
To get some really detailed information and pictures locally, check out the Chester County Astronomical Society.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This is the Ugliest Chick I've Ever Dated

OK, she may look ugly, but this picture was taken with a camera phone so on the ugly scale she's probably half way between Bruce Willis's daughter and the elephant man.

OK, before our customer service lines start ringing off the hook, this is actually the m113 creature from Star Trek - a replica that is. Picture was taken in Vegas a few months at the Las Vegas Hilton. They've got a whole thing called the Star Trek experience . From what I could see in the 3 minutes it took to stroll threw the lobby, I'd say it was "warp speed nerd-ariffic!" (I hereby claim copyright to this expression so please do not repeat).

A little free advice for nerds. If you're planning on taking a lady there, keep cool. Don't quote every Trek line like all of your geek friends. Have a little self respect. Trust me. You are impressing nobody.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Guernsey Cow In Exton Now Has a Blog

The World's Largest Cow used to be located in Exton PA. If you're from Chester County, you know that I'm talking about the Guernsey Cow - the Exton Pa Ice Cream Shop. Check out the Guernsey Cow blog as it has some nice info and pictures of this landmark Exton establishment.

Make sure to check out the pics of Willie Minor on the site and his tricked out bike which includes a full sized shopping cart strapped to the back. If you grew up in the area, these pictures will be bring back some great memories.
And just think, one could share a wholesome milkshake with their best girl at the Guernsey Cow, then travel two miles west on route 30 to the Downingtown Farmers Market to gawk at Sandy Allen (worlds tallest woman), piss off the Friday night BINGO players by yelling "G.4" everytime you walk by and purchase a bootleg Thin Lizzy belt buckle. Those were the days.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Tips From Humble Chester County Fork Lift Operator

Valentine's tips are easy to find online. We thought we'd ask THAT BLUE YAK'S fork lift operator Ernie Melson to share some of his wisdom with us this February 14th. Here are the tips he scribbled on a bag while "pinchin' one off". (By the way we call him Vic because he looks like Vic Taybak)

OK, here we go wid a couple doos and don'ts:

1) Treat your dame like a lady on this day.

2) Don't try to be funny on this day. Don't give your lady a card wid two black people running down the beach - no offense Earl. Unless if use is like Earl - black and all. White people - play it safe wid whites on the card. Mulatto? Use is on your own.

3) Don't get her a drill. Even if it makes complete sense that use was gonna make her the planters she's been bitchin' about using the drill.

4) Don't toss the gift to her. Hand it to her all gentleman style and such.

5) Play it safe and go with flowers. I got mine at Produce Junction in Exton as seen in the poloroid above. $10. Can't beat that except when I had to buy them last because I asked her if her jeans shrunk, theys was only $6.

6) If she's goin to Exton anyways, don't make the mistake of saying, "hey, pick yourself up some roses at Produce Junction" no matter how much it makes sense to you.

7) Don't make the mistake and walk over to the Dollar Store and put $20 worth of things in a bag for her as another gift. And it don't matter your effort either if you try to make it all romantic by pulling the dollar stuff out and gettin all clever like, "Our love is like a sponge and all" as you show her the sponge.

8) Call her classy at least 5 times during the day. Check off the times you do it by marking off the number of times on a piece of paper or matches or something. Remember not to let her see you marking off the number of times because then she's gonna say it doesn't count or something.

9) Say, "You smell good -what are you made of roses and flowers and junk." Look up from the T.V. when you say it.

10) Say to her, "Hold on, I'm callin' heaven because I think an angel escaped and shit." Don't try to then catch her wid a fishin' net to make it more believable especially if you're about to leave for the Red Lobster and she's already dolled up and stuff.
Follow these tips and you'll probably be able to be gettin' it on later wid out liftin' a meat hook on her.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Looking For a Local Brewery or Brewpub? Here's the Map You Want

Where can I find a local brewpub or brewery? It's now easier than ever with this great Google Maps Mashup: Simply click on your Country, then region and you'll be presented with a snazzy little map showing all of the brewpubs and breweries in your area - like the beer sampler from Iron Hill in West Chester, PA pictured above.

As an added bonus, once you click on the brewpub or brewery, there are links that will bring you to articles and reviews of the joints. The links providing the additional info are:,, and

A very helpful resource indeed.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Top 10 TV Shows On DVD That You Must Watch

I think we can all agree that the Simpsons are great. Here are a few other must see TV shows that are also available on DVD:

1. After School Specials - Hysterical TV helped us laugh at the problems of others.

2. Freaks and Geeks - About as close as you're going to get to high school life in the early eighties. (This show could have been filmed at Henderson High School).

3. The Flip Wilson Show - 70's variety show. Watch for appearances by one of the writers - Richard Pryor. There's also this hot sister on the show named Geraldine.

4. Wonder Woman - Tip: try slow motion during the running know what I mean.

5. Penn and Teller: Bullshit!- Penn and Teller debunk modern day bullshit topics including talking to to the dead, creationism and P.E.T.A.

6. Prisoner: Cell Block H - Women behind bars. What else do I need to say? ..And they're Australian.

7. Get a Life - Great comedy starring Chris Elliott as a paperboy. If there was ever a show that you could say, "You either love it - or hate it" - this is it.

8. Mr Show - Probably the best sketch comedy of all time. Sketches include, Watch Us Have Sex, The Return of the Curse of the Creature's Curse and Superstar Machine.

9. New Zoo Revue - Probably unwatchable after five minutes but I'm going to risk it. Check out this outtake.

10. Strangers with Candy - Before The Colbert Report, there was Strangers with Candy. The most politically incorrect fun you'll ever have.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Coatesville Violinist Hopes to Win My Grammy Moment with Foo Fighters

Voting for My Grammy Moment is almost over. Hopefully, the winner will be Brian Fitzgerald from Coatesville. Fitzgerald is up against two other musicians. The prize? To play The Pretender with at the Foo Fighters at tonight's Grammy awards. Here he is:

Voting ends at 5:59 PM. You can vote at

Friday, February 8, 2008

Chester County Food Sites and Blogs - Great Reference

Here are a few food and fun related links to check out. Some are websites, some are blogs and some are posts within blogs. And yes, that is the annoying Rachael Ray looking goood.

Holly Eats (the Hot Dog Page) - reviews and great photos of delicious weiner joints - but mostly in the area. Including the famous Jimmy John's of course on West Chester Pike.

Holly Eats (Eating Philadelphia) - reviews and photos from restaurants all around Philadelphia and suburbs.

Foobooz - Blog about food, drinks and deals - mostly in Philly. Click on the maps link to see maps such as Best of Philly 2007 map and map of Craig LaBans favorite Burgers.

WC Dish - Great West Chester based food blog. Mary Bigham and others supply stories of food, drink and Chester County eating. Users are also invited to rate area restaurants. And yes, Mary is can be heard Friday's on WCOJ with JT Morgan. And no, I'm not sure if she knows powerful Ron McNiel from the Swap Shop.

Brew Lounge - Great beer blog covering beer news and reviews in the Philly area. Lots of details on Irin Hill, Victory Beer and Sly Fox.

Barbeque Bachelor - This West Chester blogger shares his BBQ recipes. He also takes great photos. - this one of the best sites for food - specifically on the boards. Looking for the best cheesesteak, pizza or bagel in Chester County? What about a ranking of the best regional brewpubs? They've got the answers on the user generated boards. - visit this site to see the menus in the West Chester area.
There you go fatsos. Enjoy.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bigfoot and Wildboy - Classic 70's TV Krofft Junk Strikes Again

I don't know what got me thinking about this crappy Krofft Brothers show - but here is the begining of Bigfoot and Wildboy. A few notes why the Krofft Brothers were so awful:

1. Since when was Bigfoot able to run 50 miles per hour?
2. And worse, even if Sassy were VERY strong, he would never be able to leap 20 feet in the air as seen in the opening.

I do however give them some credit for the tasty guitar lick at the begining.

..And just a little trivia fact finder for you, Monika Ramirez was in the Brady Bunch episode "the personality kid" where Peter throws himself a party. She is at the party and says: "I don't think you're dull - I think you're very nice."

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Downingtown Teacher Strike - Day 8 BREAKING NEWS

Downingtown teachers, administrators and students listened in a stunned silence as Paul Gottlieb and Alice Johnson addressed the crowd concerning the possible end to the eight day teachers strike.

"I'm sorry people, the rumors you have been hearing are false. The strike unfortunately is still a reality. The 'rebuilding of the Downingtown Farmers Market' as a deal closer did NOT happen." An embarassed Gottlieb said.

That Blue Yak sources tell us that a "crazy person" and Downingtown Farmers Market regular attempted to end the strike by convincing both sides that all demands would be dropped if the Lancaster Pike Home Depot "is imploded by Friday" and the Downingtown Farmers Market is "rebuilt in all of it's glory".
Alice Johnson later later told reporters, "I feel very, very stupid right now."
The Downingtown Farmers Market Rebuilders Club - an undergound society made up of Downingtown and Caln market regulars is accepting responsibility.

Thanks Mr Johhny Goodtimes Quizzo Man

Johnny Goodtimes - the Philly Quizzo guy gave a shout out to That Blue Yak in today's post. Looks as though there are other Swap Shops on AM radio - not just the best, which of course is Ron's Swap Shop on WCOJ in West Chester. The show Goodtimes refers to is at WESR in Virginia. From the looks of his post however, there is one common thread - people who call swap shops are back woodsy, non computer using folk with alot of junk to unload. God bless em'.

Speaking of trivia here are a five trivia questions to test your knowledge. (Answers are below the picture of the hobos). Good luck.
1 Black eyes peas are not peas. What are they?
2. What was the first of H.J. Heinz' "57 varieties"?
3. What hot invention was invented in 1889 in Lima, PA?
4. Who was Wildboy’s partner in a cheesy 1970’s Saturday morning TV Show?
5. What was the name of the Robot girl on Small Wonder?

1. Beans
2. Horseradish
3. The matchbook
4. Bigfoot (from the Krofft Supershow)
5. Vicki
To view the list of Philly and Philly burbs that feature Quizzo, click here

A few in the Chester County area are at:

TJ's Everyday - Paoli (never even heard of this place but looks good from website)
The Whip Tavern - West Marlborough (which I also have been told has the best hand carved roast beef sandwich in Chester County.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Square Bar Prepares for 30,000 Mardi Gras Partyers

West Chester Square Bar regular Denny Beans is predicting a record number of people for the Mardi Gras celebration today. "It's gonna be packed. I'm totally getting there early. I was there the other night and I saw this sign in the bathroom advertising the Square Bar with DJ Kilt Boy and I was like, there's probably gonna be thousands of people there. And ladies - I will have plenty of beads!"

With past year issues in Philadelphia with Mardi Gras partyers, many area residents are searching for alternative locations. Could West Chester's Square Bar with it's downhome feel, great prices and American dart board lure the "thousands" in today as predicted by Denny Beans?

"It's totally conceiveable - I'd say 20, maybe 30,000 depending on the weather", said Billy Dean Morris - friend of Denny Bean. "I mean, have you seen that sign? It pretty much says it all - location, what's happening, the date and time - it covers everyting. All I know is - if out of towners think they're gonna come in and redefine the dart line - that's bull!"

Here are a few blog posts from others mentioning the famous Square Bar:

Monday, February 4, 2008

Ron's Swap Shop - Pride of WCOJ

A few more tidbits from Ron's Swap Shop on West Chester's WCOJ: (1420 AM - 10-12 Monday to Friday.) I'm urging all check out this West Chester/Coatesville show. Pure entertainment from this online classified ad listing program!

- When there's a lack of callers, Ron will read trivia. He revealed to us last week that a "spermologist" is one that collects trivia. Then let out an annoyed, "O......KAYYYYYY".

- It was windy last week so Ron gave this warning: "It's pretty windy out so places like forests and winding Chester County roads with trees - well - you just might want to stay away from there. That's what I do when it's windy."

- "Roland" called because he wants to get a Doo Wop singing group together.

- A woman named "Ester" called in.

A caller helps to explain the concept of a website menu:

Caller: Ron, I think I can help the callers that can't find the Ron's Swap Shop page when they go to . What they have to do is look on the left side, and in a box it says, 'Ron's Swap shop'. They have to click on that box.

Ron: You know, I'm not trying to act like I'm not the most important person on WCOJ, but it should be crystal clear when you go to the WCOJ website exactly where to find Ron's Swap Shop information.

- More trivia: "A flea can jump a foot. In comparison, it's like a human jumping over the Washington Monument. Wow. Imagine that. One foot!"

- An electical supplier is selling everything for 50 cents "on the dollar".

Caller: "I've got a tractor and hay for sale. "

Ron: "Compacted hay?"

Caller: "No , hay for horses. "
Ron: "I know what hay is used for - how much? "

Caller: "$35 per bail."

Ron: "$35? Geez - I just paid $45 at the feed store. Can you hold on for a second? I've got something to do here."

I have a feeling that Ron needed to find his feed store receipt.

Check out my previous Ton's Swap Shop link here.

Friday, February 1, 2008

John's Pizza in Frazer - Best Cheesesteak Indeed

John's Pizza in Frazer, PA - perhaps the best cheesesteak in Chester County. My order was a large cheesesteak, fried onions and extra cheese. The cheesesteak is enormous as seen by the scale of the chapstick to cheesesteak in this picture.

The meat is great and the rolls are perfect - so light and airy. In fact, the roll is so light that a 15" cheesesteak goes down very easily. John's has also been written about in Conde Naste magazine and won Channel 10's "Golden Spoon" award - whatever the hell that is.

My recomendation is to sit at the counter so you can watch the show. By the show, I mean the arguing between the older John and the younger John. Everytime I've been there, the two are arguing in Italian. It's so good, that when you return from the bathroom you'll ask your friend, "What did I miss?"

John's is located on Route 30 in Frazer right past the home depot. I highly recommend it. The phone number is (610) 647-4297. If you call in for pickup, be sure to ask how long until the order will be ready. The older John will say, "You just come in, it'll be here."
If you're looking for a list of great cheesesteaks in Philly, Delaware County and Chester County, Best lists most of them.
Here's what another blogger had to say about the Cheesesteaks at John's Pizza: