Monday, August 31, 2009

Vince from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Vince Schiavelli was great in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest....

But could you imagine if you came around a corner and saw him. You have to would be frightening.

Don't lie. Admit it.

Woman Wants To Lift World One Person At A Time.

So a woman named @KellyG5 started following me on Twitter. Her goal is to lift the world one person at a time.

Check it out:

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Little Britain Sketch Comedy Clip. Disturbing.

Has anyone see the show Little Britain? It's a sketch comedy show.

Here's a clip that is both funny and disturbing.

So what do you think?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Father Kelly. I Wonder Who That Is? Twitter.

Shhh. I've got a confession. In addition to being @DrZibbs on Twitter, I'm also a character called @FatherKelly. My profile says, "Disgruntled Catholic Priest. Seemed like a wise career choice at the time".

In three days I already have over 200 followers. Sweet. I'm trying to only tweet once or twice a day with my "A" material. Here's the feed so far:

They say you can't throw a stick around priests w/out hitting a gay. So I throw a stick and I hit Father Brennan right in the nuts. Irony.

So I'm sorting through the collection basket booty and I found..ready for this?... a hermit crab & a tooth! WTF!

My vampire fighting class starts in 15 minutes. Love the class but the instructor is a SUCH a know-it-all dick!

BOY:What's Leviticus? ME:It was an ancient tool for cutting off the nuts of sinners. BOY Really? ME:Naaa I'm just fuckin' with ya.

Sometimes in the confessional box I'll say, "You did what?! I don't believe you. Bring pictures to prove it". Some of them actually do.

So today at the exorcism the dumbass holding down the kids' legs turns and says, "Wow. This is just like The Exorcist" I.SHIT.YOU.NOT.

I've got to hand it to our parish though. After we perform an exorcism we give them a "The Devil Made Me Do It" T-shirt. No charge!

I have to perform a God damn exorcism today. I'm gonna throw in the line "ooga booga" and see if anyone notices.

Sister Mary Catherine - Chhhh Uhhhh! ..Damn it you got it goin' on! I mean...God Bless.

Just got a call requesting that I bless a parakeet. I'm not making this up. I told them a 5th of scotch was usual payment. They bought it.

Note to self: Suggest replacing the communion bells with a blow horn.

Time to make the communion wafers.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mini Apes, Glazed Donuts, Nether Regions and Tweets.

So here are a few recent Tweets that I wrote for Twitter. Man. This blogging is getting easier and easier. All I had to do was cut and paste the info from Twitter to here.

I might have some of my best tweets embroidered onto pillows. Just so it's not too gay I'll man things up by filling the pillows with rocks

I cringe when I hear people telling fat girls"You have such a pretty face". I prefer "You're like a fire plug with a cute little cap"

if i ever get an ostrich w rabies I'll call him pecky. then when he attacks people I'll be like..i warned you

I wish I had a friend that looked like a mini ape AND had a sense of humor so I when I saw people I could say, "Hey. Look at my mini ape!"

You may find the question, "How about I make your face look like a glazed donut?" funny but your wife will just shake her head.

wonders if a movie about a woman who blogs about trying every house cleaning technique from a cleaning book would inspire wives 2 clean

rap title: if i look down and don't see a legion I'll be touchin your nether region.

wow. when i sing in that Jim nabors style i sound pretty good.

I'm gonna name my next dog help. how great will it be when I'm calling him and everyone thinks I'm in danger?

Which is YOUR favorite. Mine is the one about the mini ape.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Think Before You Speak Dad. Ellen DeGeneris.

So after the funeral Saturday we're back at my cousin's house. About 15 of us are sitting on their deck. One of my cousins had two friends there. Both were very attractive. They were in their early thirties.

So we're all talking and laughing when out of the blue, my Dad says, (in the way one would say "I need the attention of everyone because what I'm about to say is very important")..he says:

My Dad: Do you know who you look like?

Girl: Me?

(I'm already starting to cringe)

My Dad: You look like Ellen DeGeneris.

Girl: What???

As she's saying, "What?" Everyone is screaming, "No! are you crazy? Ellen DeGeneris?"

My Dad: Has anyone ever seen that show? Look at her..she looks just like her.

He's clueless that telling a woman that she looks like Ellen DeGeneris is an insult. Then throughout the day he's say, "Ellen Degeneris. I'm sticking to it". He couldn't just drop it.

So at what point do you take your dad aside and tell him to keep his mouth shut? And to top it off, he gets everything wrong so he was probably talking about someone else anyway but I just picture the girl looking in the mirror for the next few weeks and examining her face.

Saint Francis of Assisi In Norristown, Porn Staches and More!

So I was at my cousin's funeral on Saturday. It was the fourth family funeral this year. It was at Saint Assisi in Norristown. I think I need to spend more time in church because whenever I do I just see things that I might not normally notice. Here are a few:

- The alter looked like it was designed by the set designer from The Planet of the Apes (see image above).

- The one statue looked like the guy from ABBA (the bearded one).

- The other large statue looked like it was holding a weird large ball. I turned to my bother and whispered, "You never really do see the Patron Saint Of Volleyball in statue form do you?" - He couldn't stop laughing but I was able to talk myself down.

- The alter boy had a porn mustache.

- I was sitting directly behind my dad. I'm not sure who's cutting his hair but he needs to get his neck trimmed. It's the first time I saw him and thought that he reminded me of Matlock.

- Is there a name for the sing/talk thing that priests do? Do they rehearse it before hand? Are there albums available? I think I'd be pretty good at it.

Thanks Norristown Saint Francis of Assisi.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Just Saw Inglorious Basterds. Excellent. David Bowie.

I just saw Quintin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds and it was great! If you're a Tarantino fan you'll love it. No time to write a review so that's about it. Check it out.

And great use of the Bowie song Cat People (Putting Out The Fire) in the movie. I couldn't find a good version on Youtube so here's a GREAT live version of Heroes:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Brad Neely and The Professor Brothers Crack Me Up.

I've posted a few other Brad Neely cartoons here in the past. This is the type of thing that just makes me laugh out loud.

It's the Professor Brothers. Make sure to watch it to the end because there's a great surprise.

And my favorite line is when he said he found the "cherriest shoes".

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Real Dream I had About Roller Skating. Seinfeld Was There Too.

So here's the weird dream I had last night.

I was at a roller skating rink that was located inside of a private amusement park. They only let people who are great roller skaters onto the rink but other people were allowed to watch us.

My Nana was there - who died years ago but just about when I was going to say something to her my older sister says, "Oh my God. Your tie is tied so tight it's making your head look like a light bulb!" *

A light bulb?

I was like, "What do you mean it looks like a light bulb? What does that even mean?"

Then I asked my younger sister if my head looked like a light bulb and she said, "It actually does."

Meanwhile, my Nana was trying to get my attention. Just when I was about to say something to her I heard screams. It turns out that as people that had died were showing up at the roller rink, other people in the area were dropping dead. I guess to even things out. Who know?

And just as everyone was focused on all this craziness, someone says, "Look, Jerry Seinfeld and his family are at the park. But don't say anything to them, they want their privacy".

What does this dream mean? Does it mean....does it mean I'm gay?

*I have no idea why I was wearing a tie to roller skate instead of a royal blue satin jacket that says, "Born to Skate" - dreams are crazy like that.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Various Things About Food And Me...Dr Zibbs. Non Robot Stuff.

So in response to Whiskey Marie I will now talk about various food related things. Feel free to do a similar list and link to your list in the comments:

What food makes you sick?: Beets. I can't even stand the smell of them.

What is a food habit that you can't stand?: People that have to sniff their food before eating it. Not a simple smell followed by, "this smells great", it's a sniff as if they think something might be in the food that's bad.

What food habit did your sister used to have growing up that you couldn't stand?: She used to eat one potato chip at a time then quickly lick each finger and her thumb before getting another chip. I know she was doing it just to annoy me but she never admitted it.

What food cracks you up?: The zucchini and the cucumber. Especially when they're sitting in a work kitchen and you hear people say, "Look at the size of this cucumber!" It's just so phallic that it cracks me up. I must admit that whenever I have a cucumber and my wife is near I can't resist sneaking up behind her, rubbing it on her and groaning. She never finds it as funny as I do.

What vegetable couldn't you live without? : Onions.

Food gadgets you remember as a child?: There was the hot air popcorn machine with the built in butter melter that my mom got with green stamps. And the hot dog cooker that looked like a space age toy with prongs that the wieners would be inserted into. They always tasted like terrible.

Food that was hidden, then discovered on the top shelf of your room?: Hot dogs with paper towel used for handle. Hot dogs were all my brother would eat for a while. When he got sick of them he would throw them on our top shelf.

Without mentioning robots, how do you think cooking in the future will be better?: I can't wait until they can breed pigs that can cook each other. Like they'll be three pigs and they'll draw straws. The loser gets cooked by the other two while you sit on your deck and watch.
Then what will you do with the other two pigs?: Uh...Robots will cook them?

What is an annoying thing that bothers you about women and food?: I hate the women that go on and on about dessert. Especially when you're eating with a crowd and they answer the waiter by saying, "Oh there's ALWAYS room for dessert." There is? Then quit blabbin' about your diet so much when you're so into dessert.

Food you once projectile vomited after being wasted, drinking 151 then eating 4 of them? Ring Dings.

Are there other food questions you want answered? Ask me in the comments area.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The First Time I've Asked Readers What To Post About. Blog.

I usually have a lot of stuff to post about but I thought I'd let you the reader give some suggestions.

So is there any topic that you'd like me to post about? A real life thing? Curious about things I'm into or you want my opinion on something?

Has your pastor not been giving you the advice that you want?

So what is it? Are there any questions, subjects or past posts that you'd like me to elaborate on?

Let me know in the comments area. And I'll pick one. Or maybe more.
Good luck.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Count Dante - Deadliest Man Alive and 70's Kid.

I wonder if any kid in the 70's ever saw this ad for Count Dante's Black Dragon Fighting Society and ordered it. And while he waited for the booklet to arrive, he started getting cockier and cockier.

He'd wait in his yard for bullies and throw rocks at them then yell, "IN 4-6 WEEKS YOUR ASS IS MINE YOU JIVE TURKEY!"

Then he'd run into the safety of his house, fling himself on the bed and look at the Count Dante' ad again.

Then when the booklet arrived, he ripped it opened and was shocked that it was complete bullshit.... and he prepared to get his ass kicked. He was gonna safety pin the ad to his chest in a last ditch effort but then he looked at it again, felt really stupid and just threw it in the trash.

No. That little boy wasn't me. But if might have been this guy or this guy.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yes. I Can Read. Funny Books I like. Paul Feig and More.

So here are a few funny books I'd like to recommend:

National Lampoon's 1964 High School Yearbook - This is a classic. It looks like a yearbook but it's all made up. If you're a fan of Animal House, you can see some of the references as it was written by Doug Kenney. Go get this from the library now.

Kick Me - Advertures in Adolescence - This book was written by Paul Feig - the creator of Freaks and Geeks. It's a collection of stories from when he was in elementary school and junior high in the 70's. Hilarious. (Note there are no pictures in this book so you actually have to read)

The Bible - This one is hard to explain. Tons of crazy stories about dudes with first names and their wacky adventures.

What the Heck? Hair Dryer Prank.

What the heck?

Hair dryer prank.

Friday, August 14, 2009

This Is Totally Something That Would Happen To Me. Flying.

I used to fly all the time. I always got stuck next to dudes or old ladies it seemed.

There was one time though that I got seated next to this hot chick. I was talking to her for a while and it turns out that the rowing competition she was going to wasn't for a college. She was in some private school on the Main Line. Private HIGH SCHOOL.

And to top it off, her coach was sitting right next to her. Shouldn't these young girls be required to wear stickers on their shirts that reveal their age?


Here's something that I could totally see getting busted for on a plane:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Check Out These Outfits From Soul Train. Solid.

You've got to check out the threads that these cats are wearing on Soul Train:

One of my early posts (June 29, 2007) was a clip from Soul Train where I made nicknames for each dancer. The video was pulled from YouTube after a week. I was pissed. Here's the original post. I think it's still kind of funny without the video but some of the names might not make sense. What do you think?:

It was 1974. The dancers were dressed allllll funky and what not. They was doin' their thang. But WHO were those dancers? What were their names. I think we can all agree that it was racism. THAT BLUE YAK will now give these young dancers their proper credit by naming them.

They will now not only have a face but they will have a name. Names that they should where with pride - not figuratively, but literally, on large, bedazzled, name tag buttons. These name tags should be worn at ALL TIMES. Now, enjoy getting down with these brothers as they do their stuff , followed by their new names and a fun game.


Now to have some fun. Gather your friends and yell out the names of the dancers as they do their thing. Pretend you know them and you're all friends. Make up stories about the dancing adventures you've all had together.
Did you perhaps solve crimes with your new dancing friends? Maybe you did.
Were you all asked by the Mayor of your town to pitch in and help with the fight against litter? And then just when you thought you lost the battle you guys got the whole town dancing and then everyone learned a lesson about litter? And themselves? I don't know. The only limit to your adventures is your imagination.

We now give you their new non-slave names:

- Slipper Band Man
- Sir Frogalicious
- Bandana the Tank
- Backstroke Afromatic
- Bus Token Scooper Slim
- The Rich Little of Raj Thomas
- Blue Trouser Howser
- Candy Cane Calf Carl
- The Admiral of Cool
- Denim Da Hip
- (WARNING: This is some white dude disguised as a black dude. He has not earned a name)
- Bell Bottom Swell Bottom
- Tyron "Dease coals is hot but dis lady be fine) Lincoln
- Sidewalkin' Ice Guy
- Sir Twirls a Lot
- Goat Leg the Inner City Centaur
- The Butt
- Bizniss Man Tight
- Jiu-Jitzu Jammin' Jim (aka Robo-martial-artso)
- Gymnastic the Bombastic Flim Flam Lover Man
- Brother Soul Sam the Anti-Man

Repeat and Enjoy.

WARNING: Do not repeat more than three times. Do not go into "bad areas" of the city trying to make new "real" friends.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Few Things About Me. China. Priest. Simpsons.

Here are a few lists of five things in various categories.

A few Countries I've been to:


A few jobs I would never want:

Financial Analyst
Anything to do with retail

Some chicks I've fooled around with:

A model
This one chick that was way older than me.
Philly Ball girl.

Some types of people that I don't like to talk to:

Boring people.
People that don't get my sense of humor.
Bad breath people.
People that are looking around the room while I'm talking to them.
Yenta's or women that won't shut about about their kids.

Some things that I've collected or currently collect:
Simpsons action figures
Zippo Lighters
My own toenails (for practical joke purposes)

Some things I love to drink:

Beer (no light beer please)
Red wine
Scotch on the rocks

There you go. Man was this a crappy post.

Twitter, Jail, Linda Carter, Old People And Alf.

Here are some recent Tweets of mine that are special. My Tweet name is @DrZibbs if you want to follow me. You're seriously missing ALL the fun if you're not following me...Dr Zibbs..on Twitter. It's like a party in your mouth!

loves seeing kids w braces that can't shut their mouths. wish i had a remote control fly

I need to find a grim reaper outfit that isn't so hot. Whenever I put it on to scare old people in heat waves, I just get all sweaty

Psst guard,I know it's almost lunch but I had my heart set on Eggs Benedict. Would you mind telling the chef to keep the Bearnaise warm? (THIS IS FROM WHEN I WAS IN JAIL LAST WEEK)

Someones writing on the jail wall. There's no WAY I'm going to take the wrap for this. (GUARD! GUARD! - this guy's writing on the wall) (THIS IS FROM WHEN I WAS IN JAIL LAST WEEK)

Tip 4 super heroes:When too tired for proper landing (after burrito meal) - simply hold the back of your cape and use as parachute

nickelback sounds like the crappy band you see when sitcom characters go to a bar

just tried to do an imitation of Christopher walken and remembered that i can do the dad from alf

what about those people that brag about their bingo skills? never met one but i bet they're out there

If I were a vet I'd have "the convenient guinea pig drop off slot". Do you know where the slot would lead? Yup.To a trash can.

Can't believe Ruth Buzzi + Linda Carter both born today. Do you think there's any way they could be twins? (looks at pic again). Nevermind.

I'm challenging myself to sneak up on some old people today and break into my Axel Rose dance

you know why people never ask if anyone has any cute stories about their cats? because nobody gives a shit. remember this.

had a dream last night that i woke up and was growing the start of a rooster tail.

Monday, August 10, 2009

BBQ Beef Recipe For The Crock Pot That's Easy And Tasty.

If you're looking for the most simple thing to cook that's going to taste great, here's the thing for you. Even if you can't cook - you can do this. Note that the picture I took didn't turn out so the picture above is stolen...but that's what it will look like.

BBQ Beef Sandwiches.


Chuck Roast
Garlic Powder
Dark Beer (beef stock as a substitute)
BBQ Sauce (1/2 cup)
Worchestershire Sauce - 1 tablespoon
Mustard - 3 tablespoons

- Cut off pieces of fat from meat. Cut meat into about 4 - 8 pieces.

- Season the meat with the seasonings mentioned above.

- Sear all sides of meat in a frying pan.

- Put it in a crock pot with the other ingredients mentioned above. Add a generous portion of the seasonings, the beer, BBQ sauce and onions.

Cook in crock pot on high for 9 hours but check your crock pot. Newer crock pots take a bit less time and you can cook on low. You know when it's done when you can pull the meat apart with two forks.

When done, you may need to add a bit more BBQ sauce to the meat. Put the meat on rolls, top with coleslaw and ENJOY!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just Watched Dateline NBC Special On Woodstock - Canned Heat.

Just watched the Dateline NBC story on the anniversary of Woodstock. Here's one of my favorite songs from Woodstock... Canned Heat doing Going Up the Country. It's the song that just defines the event for me. If I were the flute player I would have totally ruined the performance because I'd would have been totally hamming it up. Running around the stage with the flute and all.

I wasn't in the band though because I was only a wee, wee child at the time and I didn't play flute.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Talking Heads - Life During Wartime Excellent.

I know the Verdant Dude just posted this video on his blog a few weeks ago but I was listening to David Byrne while running and wanted to see this video.

It's the Talking Heads Life During Wartime. How cool is this performance? He's so weird it's great. I love his dance moves at the beginning.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me - Twitter Follower Entrance Song.

So just like my blog followers, I have Twitter followers that want to meet me in person now.
You can't blame them. Can you?

It's pretty touching I must say.

The fortunate thing for them is that they're local so they might meet me.

If they do, I may demand that this song by Cheap Trick is played when I enter the bar. And if I show up and the lighting isn't perfect - I ain't comin'*.

*That's what she said.

Drunky McDrunk Falls Into Trash Can At Dart Night. Whipping It Out.

So last night my wife was taking a walk around the block around 9. At about 10 she calls from Calhoun's house where we play darts on Thursdays sometimes. She saw the garage open so she walked in.

So she calls me to come up and I walk up there. I wasn't really in the mood because I wanted to get to bed early.

Well I'm glad I went because a few of us were throwing darts and my neighbor Bill walks in. He had been "at the Club". So he's good and liquored up. So he's leaning over trying to talk to my wife and when he stands up, he loses his balance and swirls around and falls into Calhoun's lawn mower - almost falling INTO the trashcan.

I swear it was one of the funniest things you ever saw. Of course I whip around and try to snap a picture while he's still on the ground but the lighting was terrible so it didn't turn out. Damn it!
Here's a teaser as to what it kind of looked like:

The other memorable thing was when Calhoun said he was wearing cartoon character underwear. So my wife and Bill's wife want to see it. So he pulls his pants down to show his underwear and then pulls part of his package out for a second.

Yeah. Classy bunch of characters. It was pretty funny though. Especially when he was getting pissed the rest of the night because the ladies said it was "chubby".

Thursday, August 6, 2009

John Hughes. RIP Mr. Breakfast Club and Other Movies. National Lampoon Vacation.

RIP John Hughes. I wasn't a fan of The Breakfast Club - even though I've seen it a million times but I loved all your other movies.

And did you people know that he wrote the screenplay for National Lampoon Vacation? He sure did.

What was your favorite John Hughes moment?

Here's the trailer to The Breakfast Club:

And for a special treat, check out this Breakfast Club post on TBY from last year - click here.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Does Make A Good Party? Oh I'll Tell You.

Here's a video that will help you to plan a swell party.

And note some of the things to listen for:

- Steve wants to have a good time.
- Make sure there are campus big wigs there.
- Don't forget the weed.
- If you don't have pencil and paper there for're a dick.
- You can't go wrong with silly hats.
- Jimmy Crack Corn sung in a deep voice is ALWAYS a winner!
- Golden showers NEVER are appropriate for parties. Use your head! Think hygiene.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How To Pick Up Chicks By Pretending You're Into Manatees.

Here's a helpful technique that may help some of my single male readers find a mate. That's right. I'm going to help you get laid. A man needs to get laid. I get laid all the time. But you don't. That's how you ended up here.

It's so simple that it's retarded.

1) Find a lady in a bar, in a supermarket or on a bus*.

2) In a non threatening way, position yourself so she's trapped. You know, so she can't escape. Nothing illegal but if she can't get away she has to listen..right?

3) Stare at her for a bit. She may start to look uncomfortable but this is fine. When she's just about to flee, reach as if you're about to grab her wrist then calmly but assertively say, "I'm totally into Manatees". DO NOT BREAK YOUR STARE.

4) Give her a fact about manatees like, "Did you know that manatees are also known as sea cows?" - you can find many useful manatee facts on the Internet. Memorize them or write them on manatee shaped index cards. Make sure that they're REAL facts and not made up in case she knows a lot about manatees.

Now I haven't field tested my manatee pick up technique but it's pretty much fool proof I think. If you said you were into wolves, eagles or tigers she's gonna think that you're Mr Tough Guy and a lot of chicks don't like that. They want sensitivity. And ain't nothing more sensitive than the lovable manatee. Just look at that mug.

If it turns out that she IS into tough guys, tell her that the only natural enemy of the wolf, eagle and tiger is the manatee. Look down at your shoes while saying this so she doesn't see your lying eyes.

If it turns out she knows her manatees - then at this point - to put it bluntly - you're fucked. If she falls for it...well my friend - you're getting LAID!

That's about it. Good luck and let me know it works out.

*Make sure it's a woman you can beat in a fight if it comes to that. I don't want to scare you off, but if you do these steps with any type of weirdness, a fight MAY start.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Footprints In Sand Jesus Invention. I'm On An Inventing Roll.

And now - another invention....

Pretend you're in a board room and I'm presenting. Here we go:

Ladies and Gentlemen, as you know, the Christians are a gullible bunch. They do love that ridiculous "Footprints in the Sand" poem don't they? Don't they?

(looks at guy looking out the window throws a donut at him)

Tubby I need your full attention!

(The group gets nervous and gives me their full, well deserved attention)

Now - there are a lot of Footprints in the Sand products out there but they're all collectible junk. Sculptures, t-shirts, necklaces and massagers.

But there isn't this.

(I then slowly - olde style pulley style - pull up the white veil that reveals my creation. The creaky pulley sound adds to the drama)


Now let me explain what it is (paces room). As you know from the poem, there are four footprints in the sand then there are two. Well this contraption that attached to the shins of the wearer actually leaves four footprints in the sand. Then, after you've got Jesus followers following you, you pull up the two feet and then there are only two! The extra two feet compactly hide themselves into a backback that you're wearing.

The bible holding people that have been following you will then see the two footprints and believe that Jesus is actually carrying you. Just like in the poem! Imagine the hilarity as you hide in the dunes and chuck shit at them!

Of course it takes a while to work and get the hang of the contraption - like stilts - but trust me. After a few weeks at my camp, I'm assured that even uncoordinated people will be able to work this thing.

(wait for applause and attacks from believers).

P.S. I'm thinking about saying something like "Taa Daa" at the end but I need to work it out a bit and make sure that doesn't sound stupid.

Garlic Flavored Triscuits Are Downright Tasty! Crunch!

I normally don't like my crackers and chips flavored. Once in a while I'll go for BBQ flavored chips and I do like BBQ Frito's but other than that? No thanks.

But I had some Roasted Garlic flavored triscuits the other day - with some sharp cheddar on top and they were really good! It looks like the elves at Nabisco finally got off their asses and created something tasty.

And I think they're kind of healthy for you because they have fiber. I think they have fiber. I mean, the texture is kind of like the bark of tree in a way.

Who knows? What do I look like? The God damn surgeon general?

So check them out and let me know of any salty cracker or chips that you like in the comments area.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Montgomery Mini Mall Commercial Leads To People Dancing.

To finish out my unintentional few days of featuring black people on TBY, here's what I found when I just typed "worst commercial" into the YouTube.

What caught my eye? You guessed it. Black people.

It's some black ladies dancing to a commercial for Montgomery Mini Mall.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Bet This Video Pisses Off Black People. Shirley Q Kmark.

What the fuck is this???

Whatever it is, I'm sure it's gonna piss off some black people. But I bet if you try to say the lines out loud you'll crack your ass up.

Go ahead - try it. Or better yet, leave your impression on my snapvine recorder located on my sidebar.