Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jack's Pizza in Exton - Excellent

It's very hard to find a decent slice of pizza in Chester County - until now. Gilly Norris presents his review,

"It was beautiful. I walked into Jack's Pizza at the Whiteland Towne Center and there it was - the perfect slice of vegetable pizza. Topped with roasted tomatoes, onions, peppers and olives - it was pure beauty."

"As the Spanish station played soccer on the tv and a 2 month old slept on the counter next to the industrial meat slicer, my pizza was warmed."

"I requested a Pepsi and proceeded to my car - walking at a faster than usual pace than usual. As I passed onlookers, I held the bag up to their faces and smiled and nodded in a creepy way. I got into my car. This is where I took this photo of the Exton slice. It's crunchy texture was pure heaven. I give it 10 That Blue Yak stars out of 10."

Good Pizza is indeed hard to find in Chester County when one yearns for the Jersey shore's Mack and Manco Pizza . Here are a few local standout pizza eateries in Chester County (Exton - West Chester area):

Jack's Pizza - (610) 280-9490 / 135 W Lincoln HwyExton, PA 19341 (Whiteland Towne Center). See review above.
Bravo Pizza - (610) 594-1599 / 123 E. Swedesford Road in Exton (in shopping center with Giant). They're not greedy with the slice - very large portions.
Las Vegas Pizza - (610) 692-4785 / 515 E Gay StWest Chester, PA 19380 . (Right there on good ole' Gay Street). The key to eating this pizza is to wait about 2 minutes after it comes out of the oven or it will slide off the crust like soup. Tip: Don't talk to the 17 year old Henderson High greasers that hang out there during the day - they're dangerous and carry switch blades.

Happy eating.

Learn more about West Chester Food at WCDish .

Friday, December 14, 2007

Crappy Toy Countdown #4 - Ball Buster

Ball Buster by Mego. This commercial almost leaves you speechless with such great moments:

- It's a "family game"
- "..and for adults, it's exciting..." (as the narrator lowers his voice)
- "It's easy like checkers...but exacting like pool"

If my parents ever scooted my sister and me away so they could play this piece of crap game, I'd be on the phone calling the authorities.

OK, you need to watch it again and watch the frustration on the father's face and the eyebrow raising concentration on the mother's face.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Crappy Toy Countdown #3 - Plaid Pants

That Blue Yak tracked down the bitter Teddy "Curls" Redmond concerning the #3 Crappy Toy:

"Frickin' plaid pants! That's right - plaid fickin' pants! This is me in the slinky commercial. Do you think maybe I would have been given a slinky as a gift for Christmas? N0! I was given a crappy pair of polyester plaid pants similar to the one's I wore in my award winning Slinky commercial. Not the actual pants worn in the commercial - no, that would have been too perfect. Instead, I was given green and beige plaid slacks with an inferior zipper and ridiculous leg taper that made my ass look like a God Damn light bulb. Thanks for nothing Ridley Hill Orphanage and Work Camp! I'll see you in Hell!"

To hear an updated version of the slinky song, click here

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Crappy Toy Countdown to X-mas #2 - Ice Bird

Few people know that when Kenner released Ice Bird, it was a direct result of a coin toss. The loser? - Mr Jingles the Meat Slicing Opossum. I must say that the song is extremely catchy in a Jim Jones type of way. Enjoy:

Learn where to buy an industrial snow cone maker by clicking the word: TASTY

Monday, December 3, 2007

Jimmy Osmond Horror Show

If ole' man Osmond had ordered the two unseen retarded Osmonds on this wuss' Jimmy I think we can all agree the world would be a better place. (WARNING: if you are anywhere close to suicide, please do not watch this video):

Read a very boring article about this puffy faced rascal by clicking the word: JIMMY

Gene Rayburn - the Nipple Guy

Here's a nice clip of Gene Rayburn accidentally slipping out the word nipple. For a neo Cro-magnum, my man is pretty darn smooth.

Expand your brain by learning about Gene's arch enemy Richard Dawson here: http://www.hogansheroesfanclub.com/castDawsonRichard.php

Crappy Toy Countdown to Christmas - Dark Shadows

That Blue Yak introduces it's "Crappy Toy Countdown to Christmas". The first "toy" on the list, the Dark Shadows Groovy Horror Heads. The anti climatic tone is set when the door opens and a pillow takes center state. We particularly love the line, "Like Dark Shadows on TV". A little tip for you Centsable Toys,the following things are NOT toys: stools, coasters, coffee tables and yes...pillows.

Speaking of pillows, check out this link to learn more about "Professional Pillow Fighting" http://www.gopfl.com/