Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Time To Cheer Up With A Good Ole' Fashion White Trash Cat Fight

Nothing makes us smile more than this good ole' fashioned White Trash cat fight. It's not really a fight - it's more of the ole' "one punch - fight over" fight. Either way, it gives one a warm feeling inside. Enjoy it, followed by THAT BLUE YAK janitors answering the question - "What the hell was that about?"

Carl Washington - "Oh man that was nice. Right in the KISSER! I know she said something about either her man or momma or Auntie- no other reason"

Gibs Forrester - "It looks like they're in an airport or something. Probably terrorist stuff or something - I don't know."

Franklin B. Haulk Jr. - "Dat good lady punch."

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