Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Random Food Things. Lazy Ass Meme Post. Oysters.

Here are some random food things about me because I can't think of anything to write.

- The smell of canned beets could make me puke. If you paid me I wouldn't eat them.

- I like the idea of oysters and I will eat them but after about six I start thinking about them and it grosses me out.

- I love stuffed olives. I could go for some cheese stuffed olives right now as a matter of fact.

- Every time I have calamari I think it tastes like rubber and I wonder what the fuss is about.

- My favorite cut of beef is the rib eye.

- I really need to make the Mac and Cheese recipe that BE Earl sent me. Except I might modify it by putting some bread crumbs on top.

- My mom doesn't strain the fat off of gravy. No wonder I always had stomach aches growing up.

- Until I was in 8th grade I only had pasta a few times. It was when my Mom wasn't there and my Dad had to cook. And I swear he used tomato paste instead of sauce because I remember the teensy tiny can.

- I love to make and eat twice baked potatoes.

- Shrimp doesn't taste as good as it used to. Even from places that say it wasn't frozen. It just doesn't have the flavor it used to have.

- My favorite sandwich is the Italian Style Pork Sandwich (with long hots and sharp provolone).

- I couldn't live with out garlic and onions.

- I love to look at product packaging.

- I love movie popcorn but can't find a really good microwavable popcorn. Know of any?

- I like hot foods but I hate when people make it so hot just to show off that they can eat it.

- I love Tabasco. I can't stand Frank's hot sauce but somehow there are 5 bottles in my cabinet. I'll probably use it for my deer repellent (mix with soap and spray on vegetable leaves.

What are some of your food things?


John said...

I've found that, instead of breadcrumbs on top of mac & cheese, crushed cheese-its work really, really well.

Dr Zibbs said...

What kind if crushed cheese? The cheese that you're already using?

Verdant Earl said...

I could go for some blue-cheese stuffed olives right now too! In a Sapphire martini, of course. Yum.

Oh, and I don't know if you watch Lost, but on the pre-show (yeah) last night they showed messages from viewers texted to Verizon. The second one was from West Chester. So...

Unknown said...

agreed on the popcorn.

I am super wierd about food too. One example, I won't eat food with bones in it. (insert snicker here). The idea of gnawing meat off of an animal carcass just isn't appealing to me. In fact, I may gag just thinking about it. LOL Also, the smell of fruit punch will make me gag instantaneously. That includes any girly shots with fruit punch.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you re: shrimp. I thought my taste buds had recently changed, but maybe not.

Also - if garlic didn't exist, I don't think I could cook. It's an absolute necessity.

Dr Zibbs said...

Earl - I watched one episode of Lost and I was done.

Alice - you don't eat ribs??? YOU CWAZY!

Stacey - The last time I had really, really great shrimp it was in Texas. Because it was just caught in the Gulf.

KendallJaye said...

Sounds like you've never had GOOD calamari. If it's rubber, it's overdone.
I love 'stale' Oreos and graham crackers. Y'know, when the get just a little bit soft?
And as for movie theater popcorn, we can buy about a three gallon tube of it just about closing time at our theater. Stuff never goes stale.

Dr Zibbs said...

Kendall - Buy it the popcorn right from the source eh? I never thought of that.

Dominica said...

I can see you know your food well .. You should try and fry schrimps in tempura batter mix. Yutaka is a Japanese brand that works pretty well. Loads of veggies are awesome when fried in tempura. If you shouldn't find any tempura batter, I would gladly send you a package over.
I love stuffed olives too ; sweet peppers are also a great veg to fill with cheese or almonds.
Yesterday we enjoyed a picknic and somebody brought the best cake ever over. I asked her to mail me the recipe ; I'll post about it Julia Child style ..

Dr Zibbs said...

Dominica - I think the shrimp tastes fine when it's cooked on something it's just the shrimp cocktail.

Son of a Thomas said...

I love Tobasco. People keep buying me othe stuff and when I try to explain to them that I ain't just into hot it's about flavor.

WendyB said...

Looooooove oysters. Agree with you on shrimp. Or maybe it's just that shrimp is more accessible than it used to be? Maybe it tasted more expensive when I couldn't afford to have it.

Whiskeymarie said...

Rib-eye (bone in) is my favorite cut too. So. Good.

I love almond-stuffed olives, but I'll eat olives just about any which way.

And oddly enough, I have no problem whatsoever with canned beets. I like fresh-roasted best, but in a pinch I'll open a can, no biggie.

But not so much on the Tabasco. It's okay, but kind of smells like dirty socks to me. I prefer Siracha when it comes to hot sauce, I guess.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I HATE any form of meat loaf... and I've tried tons.

I also can't eat calamari... to rubbery.

And I'm in shock that you didn't have much pasta growing up!!! WE lived off of Hamburger helper and Mac n Cheese!

Heff said...

"Act II" microwave popcorn is about the best I've run across, but that's not saying MUCH.

Anonymous said...

Yum pasta with one tablespoon of bad sauce. Turned me off for a long time too. Mom's gravy gives me the runs now that I don't eat that fat on a regular bases. (good visual)

Gage1 said...

I don't really eat much pre-packaged shit. I LOVE lobster and fresh trout. Asparagus, could live on it with butter and a little anchovy...sigh, heaven. Fresh green peas, raw out of the pod, mashed potatoes with a few lumps left in and a ton of butter, I make the BEST meatloaf ever by the way, give me a rare steak and I'm your friend.

Me right here? Sushi FANATIC.

Gwen said...

I'm with you on the oysters. I love them but they skeeve me out after I've had a few. Same thing with sushi: I LOVE it, but after I've satiated my hunger I start to think about it and then can't swallow.

Did you know that all of a sudden your blog is blocked at my office? No one else's, just yours. What'd you do? I suppose I'll only comment when I work from home now.

J. Hi said...

I cannot eat shrimp--it's the texture. I feel like I am biting into an eyeball.

Dr Zibbs said...

Gwen - really? TBY is blocked at your work?? I wonder how that happened?

JenJen said...

Honey? what's a long hot?

Dr Zibbs said...

JenJen - long hot peppers.