Monday, August 2, 2010

Brainstorm! Various Things About Driving.

I've been getting lazy keeping up with this here famous blog. So here's a post about various driving things. I'll do it in bullet point form. But I'm only going to take 3 minutes to write it so I'm warning you - it's probably going to be crappy.

Please feel free to ask questions and I will clarify anything you're interested in.

OR maybe elaborate in a post (And name the post after YOU)

- I'm an expert knee driver.
- I wrecked a car when I was 17. A red Pinto. I rolled it on Route 52 in Chester County.
- I use to "do it" all the time in cars. (Do you know what "do it means?) If you don't know, ask your parents.
- One time I filled the oil in my car up to "the top" because I didn't know better.
- Once a deer jumped over the hood of my car at 80 miles per hour.
- One time I was racing a guy on 95 and his hood blew open.
- My biggest regret about accidents that happened and I wasn't there was in high school when my friends came around a corner and hit some kid's car off of a cliff. (Nobody was hurt).
- I eat entire meals in my car while driving. I use an atlas as my tray.
- The cars I've owned are: Renault Lecar, Hyndai Excel, Nissan Sentra, Toyota Camry and Nissan Maxima.

I told you it was a lazy ass post.


Tom said...

I always keep my electric razor in my car. I hate wasting time so I will only shave when I'm at red lights or stuck in traffic. Besides, it's too distracting to try and shave when I can see myself in a mirror in morning.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to some of these funny things. I too know of the red Pinto. We had a red Pinto station wagon when I was a kid. Called it the red bullet.

A Lecar? Say it ain't so, Doc.

Dr Zibbs said...

Chaka - I have a friend that does that. But I don't use those things so..

Madtexter - Yes. The Renault Lecar. But it was the one that the roof came off so I liked it. But zero power.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I just mastered knee driving.

How's that for a lazy azz answer?

Scope said...

Stick or Automatic?

I mean, what kind of weapon do you keep in your car for the rough neighborhoods: a big stick, or an automatic?

Dr Zibbs said...

Shelle - I knew that from my tweet 3 months ago. Be safe out there.

Scope - Stick baby.

Gwen said...

I'm only about 200 miles away from my odometer reading 123,456. Stay tuned over at EILCC HQ, because I intend to get a picture.

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hooray, your writings on theater and writing much missed!