Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Was First On The Scene Of A Car Crash Yesterday. Bucks County.

Oh man. Yesterday was a doooozy. I was returning from Wawa near work and I slowed and stopped at a red light. Next thing you know a woman came screeching behind me and slams into the telephone pole right next to me! (That’s the actual telephone pole above. I can’t believe it wasn’t smashed in two) She was probably going about 40MPH. She must have been distracted and swerved so she wouldn’t hit me.

I look and I see the airbags. Her car is totaled.

I jump out and her face is covered with blood from the airbag. And she’s screaming and crying hysterically. Someone else at the Wawa saw it and called 911. It was pretty bad.

So I look in the back and there’s a baby in the back seat. His head was smooshed up and at first I thought maybe his neck was broken but it wasn’t. He was fine as far as I could tell. The woman is still screaming and appeared to be in shock. She’s saying, “My husband stole all my money and kicked me out of the house and I’m on my way to a woman’s shelter.” She repeated this about 10 times.

Then the baby started crying so I held the bottle through the window for the baby because I was afraid that if I picked the baby up I might hurt it.

A nurse must have seen what happened and ran across the street and was helping to calm the woman down.

When the police arrived I left. And then when I drove away I realized how surreal and crazy it was and my hands started shaking.

Yup. It was fuuuucked uuup!

Oh and in other car related news a deer jumped in front of my car this morning and I hit it’s foot. No damage.

I hope car related bad things don’t happen in threes.


Rachelle said...

Yikes! Glad everything turned out okay!

Unknown said...

WOW. I probably wouldn't have been able to drive for a while after witnessing that...though I guess I've driven after all of my accidents (luckily)

Dr Zibbs said...

Rachele - Yeah it was crazy.

Stacie - Really?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Glad everyone was (relatively) ok. Scary stuff.

Scope said...

She might have been in the wreck, but did you have an "accident" in your pants.

sybil law said...

Wow! That's freaking scary! Glad everyone is okay!!

Dr Zibbs said...

Scope - Ha. I did not.

Sybil - Me too.

Mrscrotchpains said...

Zibbs, how scary! You're like a hero, which in a way, makes you even more appealing than you were before. I know, how is that possible?
Glad everyone's ok.

CrotchPains said...

The part you left out:

"So I jumped out of my car, ran behind a nearby dumpster , stripped off my shirt and pants to reveal my purple one piece lycra "hero suit" with the big letter "Z" on the chest..

The Jules said...

Well done mate.

Takes a lot for people first on scene to not be frozen by indecision and, sometimes, fear.

Andrea said...


Dr Zibbs said...

Mrs Crotchpains - "LIKE" a hero? Why. I. Neva!

Crotchpains - you WERE there!

The Jules - Thank you kind sir.

Andrea - I know. Right?