Monday, December 17, 2012

A Lame Album I Had. Themes From Hit TV Shows. Rolling Stones 12 X 5.

Who the hell would buy THIS album?? Themes from Hit TV Shows.

*Zibbs slowly raises his hand*

I'm not kidding. Well to tell you the truth it could have been my sister that bought it. And if it wasn't lame enough the songs weren't even sung by the original artists!!!

I wish I could see all the old albums and 45's that we used to have when I was sixth grade and younger. We would play them over and over in my basement on this crappy green record player that my dad won in a sales contest. A few records were bought by my sisters like The Partridge Family but most were picked up by my mom at garage sales. She would just buy random records. Here are a few 45's I remember:

Walk Right In (then they say "sit right down" - not sure who sung it)
Poppa Got A Brand New Bag - James Brown
Judy in Disguise 
The Night Chicago Died
Seasons in the Sun
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

Damn. I know there's more. I'll leave them in the comments section when they hit me.

And other than the usual square Dad records he did have a few rock albums but he never them played. He had a Paul Revere and the Raiders album and Rolling Stones album. 12 X 5 and Out of Our Heads.

OK now it's going to kill me that I can't remember more of those 45's because whenever I hear them on the radio it all comes back to me.  


Dr Zibbs said...

...still can't remember any more.

Gage1 said...

I had this one, bought with my own money (pretty sure it cost me 99 cents)

also your walk right in song could be either Dr. Hook or The Rooftop Singers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I had some of those type albums. Reminds me though of a song my buddy sang in the kitchen when his dad pulled a ham out of the over. Same as song #1 but different lyrics.

Walk right in
Sit the ham down
Carve yourself a fuck hole out.

his dad just stared at him and he said to his dad,"oh, you must be a produce man."

Anonymous said...

Out of the oven it should say.

Dr Zibbs said...

Tc will check that link out when im near a computer and it wasnt the dr john version.

Bama hahaha!!!! I cant wait to use that the next time i see someone taking a ham out of an oven!!

Dr Zibbs said...

TC - I saw the link. HAHA! Nerd!

Scope said...

But that album taught you a valuable lesson in the Baretta theme:

Keep your eye on the sparrow when the going gets narrow.

Dr Zibbs said...

Scope is that like the eye of the tiger? I dont get it in either case.

Anonymous said...

reading this post and immediately I thought of my first (and favorite) 45 "Sukiyaki" by A Taste of Honey. I can't even remember how that song goes.

Gage1 said...

ha, you are right, it was a TERRIBLE album and in fact the bad cover of We Are The Champions used to anger me.

Dr Zibbs said...

Etc I hated that cover too!