Wednesday, April 25, 2007

That Blue Yak Temporarily Closes Warehouse In Preparation for Aussie Award Guest Judge Honors

The dance numbers have been rehearsed, the costumes prepared and the quips have been written. All in preparation to be guest blog judges on David McMahon's world famous blog. Frankly, we're not too surprised given David's mention of That Blue Yak and the hysterical comments we left after winning the famous Aussie award.

As the awards are such an honor, we've actually closed the YAK warehouse and have ordered all warehouse workers to take their vacations this week - or be terminated. It works out great because we (the important THAT BLUE YAK employees) get to use a large area for preparation, and we also get the chance to rid ourselves of some dead weight warehouse workers.

We do have one word of caution however. We've become very suspicious of the bloggers at . We can not confirm it, but we have reason to believe that this crew of misfits have been trying to sabotage THAT BLUE YAK listings on the Aussie site. Can we help that we are moving up the list like a raging rocket and they are as stagnant as a turd in a marsh? No. So listen up, stay the hell off our property and enjoy your stay at #17. And of course, God Bless.
Please check back for updates on this exciting event.


mcglinch said...

we run a lean & mean blog -- there's only ONE misfit at

17 rocks. enjoy judging lest ye be judged.


david mcmahon said...

G'day Zibbsy and Big Mac,

The two of you are a fair dinkum comedy act. Gotta love the spirited banter.

Zibbadidodah, I love your latest post and I'm so glad the dance routines are being choreographed (and photographed) for posterity.

Big Mac and Zibbsy, thanks for the wonderful repartee.

Take care, folks


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

open up that damn warehouse, i know you're in there.

Anonymous said...

i ordered a rennard doll 3 weeks ago and didn't get it. where do i complain? when do i get it?

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Well, I WAS tip-toeing in here to say cheers for the big honour, but now I'm scared you might bite me!!

(Can I just say it in a little voice, and run away?)

I laughed 'til I got a stitch in my side.. you're downright dangerous.