Saturday, August 25, 2007

Phoenixville Blues Festival Still a Go Despite 167 Degree Forecast

It's still a go in Phoenixville despite a weather forecast of 167 degrees. The home of the blob is asking all music loving residents to leave the comfort of their air conditioned homes and pools and join them in downtown Phoenixville today.

We're asking that all people that like to complain about the the heat stay home. They will not be tolerated.

Pennsylvania troopers will be on hand in full force to beat, arrest and jail buzz killing festival complainers. So please, come on out and enjoy the great blues but respectfully keep your pie hole shut about the God awful, untolerable heat.

What: New Century Bank Blues Festival

When: August 25, 2007/ 1:00 to approx. 7:00

Where: Bridge Street and Main Street in Phoenixville, PA

What to bring:
- Ice
- water
- reserve cooler with ice and water
- directions to places that sell ice and water
- phone numbers of friends that can bring you water in case the stores that sell ice and water are sold out.
- cute parasol that subtly complements your outfit.


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