Thursday, August 23, 2007

Presidential Coins Contest - We Need Your Help

The following are the results of a USA Today report concerning the new presidential coins:

- 26% of Americans have seen a new presidential coin.

- 73% have not seen one.

- 1% "have no opinion".

If the presidential coin series gains popularity, the Federal Reserve has estimated that $500 million a year would be saved. We're calling on America to help with the popularity of this very important coin collection by suggesting alternate images for the coins. This is how it will go down:

1) THAT BLUE YAK will start the list and we will accept all suggestions from you - the little people. Please add suggestions in comments area below.

2) Please suggest an image for the "face" side of the coin and for the unimportant B side.

3) Once we've gathered all of the suggestions from the little people, we will randomly discard all but two of the choices and add them to our stellar list.

4) We will type the choices onto a nice stock paper.

5) We will try to get an artist to draw a few of these potential coins for free.

6) We will then send the list and the drawings to Washington D.C. asking for the images to be considered.

Here are some of suggestions from THAT BLUE YAK:

Face side: A close up of William Howard Taft stuffing his face with a Burger Kink Quad Stacker.
B side: Tips on how to eat sensibly.

Face side: James Buchanan holding pinkie up to the corner of his mouth. Paul Lynde is seen in the background giving the international "ssshhhh" symbol.
B side: Fashion tips.

Face side: Abraham Lincoln, portrayed at his true size of 23 feet 9 inches tall about to crush a cowering Robert E. Lee at the battle of Fredericksburg.
B side: Beard maintenance tips using only a dull razor and twig.

Face side: George Washington holding his wooden teeth up to the face of a child and saying, "Got your nose!"
B side: Top reasons King George was a dick.

Face side: Franklin Roosevelt giving Adolph Hitler the Mandibular Nerve Pinch. (Tears can be seen in the eyes of Hitler).
B side: Friendly reminders of the "leave a penny, take a penny" rule.

Face side: Teddy Roosevelt holding his ray gun with foot placed upon his most prized hunting trophy -the mighty unicorn of the Belgian Congo.
B side: Mighty Unicorn of the Belgian Congo skinning tips and recipes.
Good luck.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What about Ben Franklin? wasn't he a president?

-Face side -- Ben with French whores
- B side -- Ben kicking Billy Penn of top of Philly City Hall "Lots of people think you're me anyway."