Monday, February 4, 2008

Ron's Swap Shop - Pride of WCOJ

A few more tidbits from Ron's Swap Shop on West Chester's WCOJ: (1420 AM - 10-12 Monday to Friday.) I'm urging all check out this West Chester/Coatesville show. Pure entertainment from this online classified ad listing program!

- When there's a lack of callers, Ron will read trivia. He revealed to us last week that a "spermologist" is one that collects trivia. Then let out an annoyed, "O......KAYYYYYY".

- It was windy last week so Ron gave this warning: "It's pretty windy out so places like forests and winding Chester County roads with trees - well - you just might want to stay away from there. That's what I do when it's windy."

- "Roland" called because he wants to get a Doo Wop singing group together.

- A woman named "Ester" called in.

A caller helps to explain the concept of a website menu:

Caller: Ron, I think I can help the callers that can't find the Ron's Swap Shop page when they go to . What they have to do is look on the left side, and in a box it says, 'Ron's Swap shop'. They have to click on that box.

Ron: You know, I'm not trying to act like I'm not the most important person on WCOJ, but it should be crystal clear when you go to the WCOJ website exactly where to find Ron's Swap Shop information.

- More trivia: "A flea can jump a foot. In comparison, it's like a human jumping over the Washington Monument. Wow. Imagine that. One foot!"

- An electical supplier is selling everything for 50 cents "on the dollar".

Caller: "I've got a tractor and hay for sale. "

Ron: "Compacted hay?"

Caller: "No , hay for horses. "
Ron: "I know what hay is used for - how much? "

Caller: "$35 per bail."

Ron: "$35? Geez - I just paid $45 at the feed store. Can you hold on for a second? I've got something to do here."

I have a feeling that Ron needed to find his feed store receipt.

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Anonymous said...

Hah! This whole blog is great. Saw you through a post on Neatorama...bookmarked!

- Carl

Dr Zibbs said...

Mr Carl Huber - not only are you welcome, you are invited to the THAT BLUE YAK company picnic.

Cyn said...

Congratulations! You may be the first persion ever to blog about WCOJ (although I have to admit I haven't researched the issue.)

Funny stuff.