Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gorilla Sighting on Market Street Probably a Hoax

A Gorilla spotted on Market Street in West Chester last week was probably a person in a costume. That's what experts are claiming after examining this picture. West Chester police spokesperson Sandy Bean had this to say,
"That Gorilla is wearing what appears to be a coat or a shirt. I think that's what's making me lean toward saying that it might be a fake. But if you look at that stance, with his arms up - all trying to scare you and stuff - that's what a gorilla would probably do if confronted."
To be on the safe side, West Chester police will be strategically be placing bananas around West Chester's downtown area and will be hiding out in trees with large nets until the possibility of a Market Street Gorilla can be ruled out.
"All we need is an ape climbing up to the top of the courthouse - that's what they do you know. And you wouldn't like that very much now would you? Huh? ...Huh?"


Smoochies said...

Is this a Bango sighting?!

Dr Zibbs said...

I've seen the Bango on Hometown Hanger and still don't know what it is.

JDizzle said...

That's a Bango impersonator!

Smoochies said...

Dr. Zibbs, you're missing out! Maybe JDizz will post the whole thing one day.