Thursday, May 8, 2008

Small Fire At Westtown Dog Park

A small fire broke out a few days ago at the Westtown Dog Park on Route 100 as this amazing photography shows. That Blue Yak Barney Lipps was getting a 24 oz Wawa coffee, 2 hostess apple pies, a Slim Jim, a pack of Big Red, an egg sandwich and krimpets, (for later) when he noticed the Fire trucks.
"I was gonna see if they needed my help but it looked like things were already under control. Plus, I saw a dalmatian down in the fenced in dog area and figured that the dog might be able to help and stuff."
The fire, apparently burning in a trash can, was extinguished without incident. There were no deaths.


Smoochies said...

I see that shutting down the dog park for a couple of weeks to try to get the grass to grow worked well.

JDizzle said...

I was totally just there with my poochies. Sounds like those good-for-nothing fruit-booters were up to no good.

Dr Zibbs said...

I don't know what a fruit booter is - but since they're probably about fruit - and not meat - I hate them.