Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chester County Residents Cope With The Heat Wave

Chester County residents are coping with the June heatwave as best as they can. The following are various weather tips and coping strategies from various Chester County residents:

"Stay away from fat people. If you think they stink at normal temperatures take a whiff of a 300 pounder when it's 100 degrees.
- Larry Grear, Kennett Square

"I like to freeze giant ice cubes into the shape of hats throughout the Winter - then, during a heatwave, I strut my resourceful ass around Exton like a peacock."
- Sean Roth -Malvern

"I like to check on the old to see if they're still alive."
- Betty Polite - Downingtown

"You call this heat? This is nothing - I used to live in Florida. And don't EVEN get me started on snow in the Winter because do you know what numb-nut? Before Florida - I lived in Buffalo."
- John Poliski - Coatesville (formerly from Naples, Florida and Buffalo, New York).

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