Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Questions From THAT BLUE YAK. CPO Sharkey.

Free Style!

What percentage of people do you think will get this Tweet I put up this morning?:
I wonder if that really tall guy from the show CPO Sharkey was Ed Begley Jr's mutant Frankenstein twin.

Is anyone else reading the blog Retro Space? It's one of my new favorites.

What are your new favorite blogs?

I wonder what kind of fun my long time blog friends Gwen and Whiskey Marie are going to have in Chicago this weekend? What type of adventure do you think they'll have?

If there was a business that would computer animate your future spouse so you could see what he/she would look like when they were older, do you think people would pay for that?

Has anyone used the Google Mobile App on their Blackberry? If not, check it out. You can google search by speaking into your phone. Sweet.

I didn't get all of the leaves in my backyard raked up because I've been injured. Is it going to kill my grass? Is it a myth that people in New England don't rake?

Where can I get an inexpensive Dell laptop charger for my son that will ship by Xmas. Other than Ebay?

Why is that I'm trying to delete some blogs I read and I delete them in my Google Reader and the number of blogs I read lowers as I delete them but when I come back later...the blogs I deleted are back?!

Did you remember I'm having a contest on this blog? The deadline is Friday at 5. The details are here.


Anonymous said...

This blog made my head hurt. Thanks Zibbs. :-P

Dr Zibbs said...

Stacey - from all the questions?

Didn't you see the "Free style" warning at the top?

Anonymous said...

Yes I did. I kept reading anyways. Silly Stacey. It was the part about deleting blogs that really made my head spin. lol

Dr Zibbs said...

Stacey - Yeah. I looked at that sentence and asked myself, "Do I really want to simplify that?

Then I got lazy.

fleming_michele said...
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Shel said...

Yes to the computer animated future spouse. Wouldn't everyone be curious?

Dr Zibbs said...

Shel - Of course you could always look at the mother or father in law but that would just be lazy.

Verdant Earl said...

If you are following a blog thru Blogger then it automatically goes to your feed reader even if you haven't subscribed to the RSS feed. So you have to delete the blog from your "following" list on your dashboard in blogger first and then delete it on Google REader. Then it won't come back.

I had the same problem for a while until I figured that out.

diane said...

I have relatives in New England, they're hillbillies. They don't rake.

I'm sorry that you were injured. I'm assuming it's a leg injury and that your mouth is doing the running until you heal.

JenJen said...

Free style should come with free tylenol and a shot of Petron.

Video Zeta One said...

Thanks for the shout out... and the shout out to my main man, Peter Isacksen from CPO Sharky as well.

Son of a Thomas said...

Alot I hope they take picts.
Hell yeah!
No. Mow them in spring.
Who am I? Bill F****** Gates?
Sure do.

Dr Zibbs said...

Son of A - Why thank ye'

Dr Zibbs said...

...and thanks Earl too. Time to delete some blogs.

Jon said...

I grew up in New England, and I raked the hell out of my leaves every year. It sucked. But it definitely will kill your grass if you leave them there.

Kristen said...

Retrospace is awesome, I have you to thank for pointing that out. And for reminding me to go back there.

As for raking, your lawn may not die, but your neighbors may form a angry mob when all your leaves blow onto their lawns.

Dr Zibbs said...

Thanks for the leaf advice. My plan? To do nothing.

Chris said...

Great blog find:

Plus, it makes me look competent as a handyman!