Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dream and Nightmare I Had. Plane Crash and Dog Saver.

Here is a dream and a nightmare I had this weekend:


I was at some huge show. It was so huge that the stage was on an aircraft carrier. There were thousands of people in the audience and hundreds of celebs in the show.

So during the break, they invited a few people backstage to hang out. I was in a room and someone says, "Oh, do you know Tom Cruise?"

And Tom Cruise is like, "What's up man?" and gives me the bro hand shake.

I was unimpressed.


I was on a plane headed to Greece. While we're over the Atlantic, the Captain comes on and says, "This is your captain, I'm afraid to inform everyone that the plane will be making a crash landing into the Ocean. Unfortunately, we've lost all radio contact as well. I'm very sorry."

So as everyone is preparing to die, some old guy turns to me and whispers, "I'm an engineer and because of this type of crash, you're in the perfect seat. You will be the only one to survive."

Some time passes and I see that someone had a Golden Retriever puppy on their lap. I called the puppy over to sit on my lap so it could survive too. Then it crashed.


JenJen said...

what a softy...and this is very creepy.
I was expecting the list of sexual encounters.

JenJen said...
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Unknown said...

rofl! Tom Cruise.

Anonymous said...
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Dr Zibbs said...

JenJen - I have many sides.

Alice - He was so figgin' pompous. You had to be there.

Dr Zibbs said...

..and Alice, you need to set it up so when you click on your name it goes back to your new blog.

Michelle said...

Your dream and your nightmare are one and the same. You survived big ass concert and now you are surviving the plane crash! See? Makes perfect sense!!!!

Next time I fly, I would love to sit next to you!!

Scope said...

Which was teh dream, and which was the nightmare again?

FYI - I think it mean you want a dog for Christmas, and the rest of the world can shove off.

UberGrumpy said...

It's not a nightmare, it's a premonition. Just change your vacation destination to Turkey and you'll be fine.

And avoid dogs

WendyB said...

Wait, are you saying the puppy crashed?

All your dreams are disappointing to me now that I'm not in them. Sigh.

Dr Zibbs said...

Michelle - As long as you share your peanuts.

Scope - Tell me about it. Tom Cruise?

Uber - Will do.

WendyB - I'll name the dog WendyB or Jewels if that will make you happy.

Anonymous said...

I looked up planes,dogs,water and accidents in a book about dream interpretation. It says you need more fiber.

Anonymous said...

I had a plane crash dream 2 days ago. The wings flew off and all the passengeres went out the holes while it was in the air.

Dr Zibbs said...

Ryoki Nor - OK

Secretia - Maybe it was the same plane! Probably.

Blissseeker said...

I just discovered your blog and think it's great! I PROMISE I'll leave comments as often as I can;)

diane said...

I was actually wondering what prompted you to come over to my page, and now I know. So here it goes:
Dream: The show taking place on an aircraft carrier and meeting Tom Cruise depicts something that goes back to the time period of Top Gun. It's up to you to figure out what that is/was. Oh yeah, and you don't like Tom Cruise.
Nightmare: It's obvious that you have a lot of anxiety in your life. You might be feeling like you can't "save anyone but yourself" right now. Oh yeah, and you like puppies.

I'm cracking myself up over here. xo

Moooooog35 said...

If Tom Cruise was on the flight, this no longer becomes a nightmare.

Kristen said...

Smart to take the puppy. He could either be a) a real live "wilson" type companion on the deserted island or b) a meal if you can't figure out how to crack open coconuts.

diane said...

I think Kristen is a genius.

Dr Zibbs said...

BlissSeeker - welclome to my blog

Diane - I can go to it now because it doesn't shut down on me anymore.

Moog - Dots a good von.

Kristen - Brillaint.