Tuesday, June 15, 2010

IPhone vs the Droid. There Are So Many Questions. Help Me Decide.

I just realized that my contract is up for Verizon so I was thinking about getting an IPhone. But then I looked at the Droid - specifically the Droid Incredible - and it looks really great too.

I guess the things that are keeping me away from the IPhone are:

- I've heard the phone services is bad ie dropped calls.
- I've been told they are now charging extra depending on the amount you download so its really not truly "unlimited".
- The Droid is supposed to have better voice to text capability which is great because then I can simply speak my precious tweets instead of typing them (and potentially damaging my beautiful fingers)

So let's here it. What are the pros and cons of each. Also, Droid 2 is coming out and it WILL have a keyboard. Do you like having the keyboard?

And lastly to see a video comparing the Droid and the IPhone - click here. (This is a different from the one I linked to on Twitter)


Verdant Earl said...

I just use some coconut shells and a bit of thin wire for my phone. It's tough being stuck on this island with the rest of those jerks from the Minnow.

Dr Zibbs said...

Haha. I have the same device but only use it when ordering coconut cream pie.

Anonymous said...

Last year when my Verizon contract was up I got the iPhone 3GS. I love it. However, had I know the Droid was coming out, I may have waited.

AT&Ts service is pretty bad. Their customer service is even worse. I had been a Verizon customer for years. Loved the service. Never had an issue. And their customer service was top-notch.

However, now that I have the iPhone, I don't talk that much. I mostly text or email. As a current customer, I'll be able to keep my "unlimited data" plan but I'm wondering for how long.

I think the new iPhone will answer all of the issues I have with the current one - ability to multitask, great video quality, camera with a flash - but none of those things can fix the shoddy service. I'll be keeping my 3GS until my contract is up next year and then see if I stay or if I go.

Dr Zibbs said...

Thanks Stacey. And the Droid Incredible has an 8 megapixel camera. I'm not sure what the IPhone 4 has.

Gwen said...

I love my iPhone and I've never experienced dropped calls or bad service. In fact, my experience has been the exact opposite. AT&T's customer service has been very helpful and nice, at least to me.

I have the 3GS and a brain so tiny that I don't think I could multi-task with the apps even if my phone were capable.

Dr Zibbs said...

Poor Gwennie. You don't have a tiny brain. But when you say that I picture a tiny brain...the size of a pea...rattling around in there.

Higgimonster said...

Android will be the new standard in mobile phones in a couple years. It is open and free. You can do anything you want with Android.

You can watch porn (in the upcoming Android 2.2 release with flash compatability).

I usually have my reddit app going, with twitter showing me updates every 10min (configurable). If I see something cool on the internet and want to show someone I press the Share option. It then comes up with a list of Apps to share this page with (Email, Sms, twitter, etc) (I imagine there is a Blogger app that you can use with the share functionality.)

On my road trip to our honeymoon I had my droi on the dash with Google Maps free GPS Navigation showing me where to go while my music player was playing some books on tape. We got hungry so I pressed a button on my phone and said, navigate to nearest Arbys. It did just that. However the Arbys was 50mi away. So I told gps to find McDs. And I was fed.

I'm sure the iPhone users love their phone as much as I love mine. But I am positive that Android is a superior platform with better usability and functionality.

Anonymous said...

for our sake i hope whatever you choose has a great spellchecker. So let's 'here' it!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to mention while out last night, I wanted to show the Well Read Hostess a YouTube video on my iPhone. Guess what? I couldn't. It required Flash.

The Droid users of the table got a good laugh...

Dr Zibbs said...

Higgi - Nice argument. Thanks.

Anonymous. Hahaha! Out yourself. Who are you?

Stacy - Interesting. I would think there would be no problem with videos.

Dr Zibbs said...

Anonymous - Oh lets "here" it... I know the difference. I just write these posts too fast.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

And I will not edit the original post in "you're" honor.

Anonymous said...

Steve Jobs has said he will never support Flash on the iPhone.

AbelPetSupply said...

Also, the Droid has a flash for that 8 MP camera on the phone. Quite important.

The GPS is also a big plus. I have an app called My Tracks that uses the GPS to map my walks/runs. You might like that for your nightly iPod walks. Logs your miles and pace.

I can watch videos, flash or MPG.

I also like my Droid because it came with a picture of you on it. Or, wait...no, nevermind. I took that picture.

Dr Zibbs said...

Abel - the videos with flash is a huge plus. I didn't know the Iphone lacked that.

Also, did I approve that picture? Now I forget.

AbelPetSupply said...

Yes. I'll Tweet the approval form.

On the iPhone without flash, check and make sure the new one coming out doesn't have one added. @CFD4143's iPhone does not have it.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Zibbs,

I've had an iPhone for 1.5 years and have had no issues with it, and no issues with AT&T service. The service issues may be regional depending on cell tower availability.

Also, AT&T is not charging extra for text/internet usage. That only happens if you take the lower cost plan and go over your alloted data plan. My plan is $39 for mobile + $30 for Internet access. Combined, that's kind of steep for cell phone usage every month, but it's unlimited and I rarely use my computer anymore for anything except blogging.

The touch screen keyboard takes some getting used to, but after a while, it learns the common catch words/slang that you use and will complete the words for you.

I guess it's just a personal preference. Apple has a somewhat of a monopoly on the market for smart phones, and I think Droid is trying to use that fact to make Apple look like the schoolyard bully.

My recommendation - get an iPhone. You'll have access to a bazillion Apps - many of which are free.

Dr Zibbs said...

Madtexter - thanks. Honestly I'm not THAT concerned about dropped calls because I don't make that many.

As for the monthly cost, that's about what I pay now. I have the unlimited internets and 300 minutes of talk. And I've never gone over the minutes of talk.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I say Droid because there is NO way I'd go to AT&T... so even though I'm a MAC/APPLE lover--I won't go over to AT&T.

I had them for service once an NEVER AGAIN... especially with traveling all the time.

Both my BIL and SIL have the Droid and they are tech "special" and they love it and have tons of apps... so very user friendly... and they are pretty phones!

Dr Zibbs said...

Looks like another vote for the Droid.

Kristen said...

Very happy with droid, though have connectivity issues in my house (and have wifi) but not enough to bug out about it.

If you go Droid, highly recommend one with a physical keyboard as well. I struggle with a virtual keyboard and have normal sized fingers (at least I think i do).

Tony Alva said...

The iPhone is the standard to which all others are measured. It lives up to all it's hype and them some as far a functionality goes. Having said that, AT&T is the the worst company that EVER offer dial service. I've worked in wireless my whole career and can say this with authority. The worst EVER. I love my iPhone, so much that I'm sitting here while a multi-billion dollar company struggles to process my order for a new iPhone with a gazillion months notice to prepare for D-Day so to speak. Fucking pathetic wireless company.

If you can deal wit it, go iPhone, but if you go Droid I wouldn't blame you a bit.

Dr Zibbs said...

Kristen - I will thoroughly inspect your hands when I see you next.

Tony A - Thank ye. So it's agreed that everyone hates AT & T

Scope said...

Correction: "Everybody but GWEN hates AT&T." They were nice to her. Probably because she has an amazing and impressive rack.

I'm on AT&T with my Blackberry and really don't have issues. I would never own an iPhone simply because I disagree so strongly with their censorship and control freak nature. If you don't mind Steve Jobs telling you what apps you can and can't have, go iPhone. If you want a little freedom (and porn) go Droid.

Dr Zibbs said...

Scope - Amazing and impressive indeeeeed.

T-Ro said...

I dig my iPhone. Can't say anything about the Droid, except it looks pretty capable. It's larger too. my iPhone can go in my front pocket and I forget it's there.

well read hostess said...

Just for the record, when I correct your grammar and spelling in comments, and I think we can all agree that I've showed remarkable restraint up to this point, I will not be doing so anonymously.

And I would like updates on this decision so that I don't have to make the same one myself. My brain is smaller than a pea (and to prove it, I just typed the word "brian" instead of "brain" and had to stare at it for a few seconds to figure out what the hell was wrong). Motherfu...


OH my god I just made myself laugh so hard with that Namaste shit.

I slay me.

Anonymous said...

I know you're with Verizon and I'm with Tmobile, but I thought I'd comment anyway since I just went through a similar debate. I have the new Mytouch slide and I'm in luurve. Android makes the Iphone seem like something out of the 90's (which it kinda almost is). Go with Android, you won't be disappointed.

PS. I'm really proud of myself for writing this comment since my technology knowledge is usually limited to operating the microwave and my clock radio which is so old that it technically doesn't harness technology (its operated by tiny mice). I used to be able to work the TV too, but my husband just got a new one - I don't speak its language and it refuses to learn mine. So we're at a standoff. It goes without saying that the Android is easy to use too.