Monday, June 14, 2010

Would You Rather?.... Gorillas and A Tiny Leg Growing From Your Back.

Here are a few "would you rathers". Feel free to leave your answers in the comment section. If you're too lazy to answer all three, answer two...or even one.

Would you rather:

1) Make out with a tame gorilla for 10 minutes. The gorilla has been tamed and will NOT harm you.

2) Live with Shane Macgowan (original singer of the Pogues) for 1 month and have sex with him everyday.

Would you rather

1) Have only one tooth. And it's right there in the middle. And everyone could see it.

2) Have a 6 inch leg growing from your back (from your twin that died in the womb). Remember, you could conceal it if you wanted to.

Would you rather

1) Have the power of flight.

2) Have the power to turn invisible.

And if you have any would you rathers for me ask me in the comments area and I will answer them.


Girl Interrupted said...

I would make out for a whole hour with a gorilla who had just been repeatedly punched in the nuts and was absolutely livid rather than go anywhere near Shane McGowan.

Does the leg include a foot? If yes then I would take that and then buy tiny, colour co-ordinated shoes for it.

Invisibility, of course ... who would want to fly when they could listen in on private conversations, push people down stairs and see hot people naked?

What are your answers to your own scenarios?

Dr Zibbs said...

Girl I - hahaha on Shane McGowan.

And yes, the leg does include a tiny foot.

My answers:

- The gorilla
- The leg but I would conceal it.
- And ivisiblity for the same reasons. Especcially seeing people naked and terrorizing my enemies by making them think they had a ghost on their house.

Dominica said...

If the gorilla has the same dental hygiene as the Pogues geezer, please shoot me ! I'd go for the gorilla as they are herbivore and not carnivore.
That is a horrendous picture of the guy I must say!

I'll have 1 tooth ; I hate feet ! and legs hanging of my back (although this would come in handy to kick the old lady that pushes me in my back cause she thinks the bus will leave without her) Let me sleep on that one !

Invisible !! Absolutely ...

Now you need to answer 1 for me (as I answered all 3 of them for you) :
would you rather :
a) have sex with Susan Boyle for a whole year
b) let Liza Minelli's last ex-husband, David Gest give you a BJ ?

Dr Zibbs said...

Dominica - you're killing me. I guess I would have sex with Susan Boyle for a year.

But I would drink the whole time.

Moooooog35 said...

1) Gorilla.

Not like I haven't done worse at last call before.

2) Leg out my back.

Worst case, I tuck it through the front of my jeans and get epic amounts of ladies (or, gorillas at last call)

3) Invisibility.

I can take a plane where I need to go, but I can't always hang out in ladies' dressing rooms without security chasing me.

T-Ro said...

1. Gorilla for 10. Don't even have to think about that one.

2. I'll go with the single snaggle tooth. The leg thing is just too creepy.

3. I need you to clarify a couple things... Would flying be effortless? Or would I have to flap my arms? And if invisible... Could I walk thru walls or would I still have to use doors?

Dr Zibbs said...

T-RO - To fly you would NOT have to flap your arms but that's how I fly in dreams while everyone else is flying superman style. I swear.

When invisible you could NOT walk through walls. What do you think you're magic or something?

T-Ro said...

OK then.
I'll take flying then. I couldn't handle all the guilt associated with being invisible.

Here's one for you!!

Would you rather be a midget with a big peter or 6' with a really small peter?

JenJen said...

I'm taking the gorilla. I hear he's an animal in bed.

I'd totally take the leg. 6 inches? pffft. I could totally wag my "tail" then and I'd get it all tatooed up. Bad Ass.

I'd be invisible. No question. Cloaked, as it were.

Gwen said...

1. Funny you should ask, since I was faced with this exact choice last weekend. I chose the Pogues skank and now, with a second chance to get it right, I choose gorilla.

2. I choose leg. I'd get a fake shark dorsal fin and wear it on the leg when I was swimming.

3. Flight. And then I'd come see you.

Would you rather give up bacon or blow jobs for the rest of your life?

Dr Zibbs said...

Gwen - awww. I wish you WOULD fly out and see me.

And of course I would give up bacon. Are you cwazy?

Cora said...

#1: Good God, man, definitely the gorilla. Hands down. Do I look stupid?

#2: Could I get false teeth? And if so, would they be perfectly straight and sparkling white and sexy shit like that? If so, then I'll take the solo tooth. If not, then gimme the siamese twin leg.

#3: Normally, I'd say flight because that would end all my irksome traffic woes, but I'm in this.... uhhhh.... sensitive legal situation with a scumbag right now and I find myself wishing I could turn invisible on a daily basis just to sneak into his house and get the dirt I need to prove my case and ruin his crappy little arrogant life like he so fucking, fucking deserves!!!! ....*ahem*.... What I mean to say is I'll take invisibility. Please.

Sooo.... would YOU rather live handcuffed to Lindsay Lohan for a month or train for the Winter Olympics in the two-man luge with Richard Simmons? Do tell.


Cora said...


Dr Zibbs said...

Cora - the tooth would be a crappy looking tooth.

I'll take Lindsey. She cwaaaazy.

T-Ro said...

Zibbs, No answer yet on my 'would you rather'? I know, it's a tough one.

krista zee said...

Ewwwwwwwww Shane one.ugly. bastard!

A and B said...

Gorilla, for sure. And, I mean, hey...they're kinda like humans so I think it's acceptable?

Extra leg. With only one tooth, I've got little to NO chance of getting laid by anyone else with teeth and a somewhat decent looking face. At least with the concealed leg, I can hide it for a bit, hook a guy with my cute face and then hit him with the sob story once it's too late for him to turn back. HAHA Trickery. Plus, at least it's not a dick.

Finally, invisiblity. I would go everywhere. Backstage at concerts most especially because I have priorities. lol

Unknown said...


1) Would you rather chew a piece of toenail off a really dirty man's foot, or thoroughly lick the armpit of a man who hasn't bathed since a week?

2) Would you rather pole dance buck naked in front of your grand parents, or have sex with your dad?

3) Would you rather, as a man, wake up to find you have grown non removable D cup breasts or that your testicles have disappeared?

I'll await your response. lol